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We’ve all seen our fair share of superstars have their push suddenly halted, sometimes with good reason, but sometimes we do not always know why. Sometimes it emerges they have said something or done something backstage, or sometimes it can be heat generated from a verbal interview, or simply a Twitter post. We have seen names with talent suddenly dropped like a hot potato all because they did something the office did not like. So is it really worth sometimes opening your mouth and voicing your opinion? It’s time to look at superstars getting heat.


As we all know, Dolph Ziggler recently suffered a concussion which caused him to miss a month of action, only to return and drop the World Heavyweight Championship to Alberto Del Rio. We all assumed Ziggler would get a push and remain in the title picture, however he seems to have been held back. It emerged that Ziggler had heat but no one really knew why until it emerged Ziggler made some comments about Randy Orton which is believed to have drawn heat. Ziggler was merely expressing his opinion on how he was sick of WWE giving Orton so many chances despite the multiple mistakes Orton has made. While we believe Ziggler was merely working in the interview there is an issue between the two in real life that we are unsure of.

What Ziggler says about Randy Orton and his past is pretty spot in in my mind though – How many chances are WWE going to give Orton? It’s clear to me that Orton is a talented young man and deserved at one time to be held in such high regard. But the things he has done in the past on multiple occasions with his attitude and comments make me wonder why WWE want to put themselves in a position to trust a guy who has let them down so many times in the past? This may well be the direction Triple H sees things going in his vision for WWE, but I just feel Orton will only let himself and WWE down again given his track record.

CM Punk

So given that Orton still seems to be a top guy despite the mistakes he has made, does it sometimes depend on who you are as to whether your actions generate heat? Does it in fact sometimes come down to what WWE sees in you? Clearly that is the case with Orton. I think it’s safe to say that if someone like Zack Ryder made the same mistakes Randy Orton has that Ryder would not have a job any more. It’s clear WWE have allowed Orton to return to being a top guy due to Cena taking time off, the need for a top heel on Raw, and the fact that WWE and the fans see the huge potential Randy Orton has.

However, not everyone who speaks out is at the top of the card and it has been proven things can be said without the generation of heat on that star. Take CM Punk – If he wasn’t seen as potentially a top star, would he really have been allowed to say the things he did that night when he dropped the famous ‘pipe bomb’ on stage? At the time WWE could have easily just cut their losses as we all know Punk wasn’t in the main event, rather undeservedly in my opinion, but WWE saw the potential he had and the best thing they ever did was allow him to express himself with a microphone. Ok, they knew what was coming, but they recognised Punk had a point, and none of it generated heat on him, it only increased his stock in WWE, which worked as he ended up as the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era.


With Triple H due to take over the running of the company in the future, will we see more wrestlers start to voice their opinion on the product given that Triple H was one of the boys back in the day. I can’t really see why not, but I do anticipate there to be some kind of punishment on people similar to that of what has recently happened to Ziggler. There will always be people who voice their frustration with where the company is heading, I just hope in the future it will be more for the right reasons and workers frustration drives them to push themselves to work harder for their spot and we do not see people being gifted spots in the way Ziggler feels Orton was gifted his.

Clearly it shows that while it sometimes hurts to voice your opinion, it can sometimes come with it’s benefits if done correctly. I think the problems come more when workers voice frustration with other workers, especially those who have received a push and clearly have friends in higher places like Orton. I would like to know your thoughts on workers voicing their opinion and getting heat for it. Do you think it’s the right thing to do by saying what you think? Or do you think that people should keep their opinions away from the spotlight? Do any of you think Orton has had too many chances now? Or do you think WWE made the right call with him this time? As always, I look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions on this.

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