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The Next Trish Stratus?

The Next Trish Stratus?

Reading over at the parent site yesterday I saw a story about Kaitlyn getting some well-deserved praise for her work Monday against A.J., but they also mentioned that people were down on her for the work as well. I find this a bit hypocritical; someone mentioned in the comments section that Dolph Ziggler is praised for his insane selling and going above and beyond, that they would praise male workers for this same thing while some would condemn the females. There has been a long history of male workers who would oversell and put themselves in harm’s way to get over and to make a move look like it hurt them much worse than in reality, why can we not afford the same luxury to their female counterparts?

I haven’t been a big fan of the so called “divas” division for quite some time now; the work has been lackluster in my own personal opinion with a bright spot here and there once in a blue moon. There were moments when maybe Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, or a Natalya would put on a well worked, very physical match, but for the most part they were just filler. Kaitlyn has been working her tail off lately and Monday she put everything she had into the match she was working, for the first time in ages I actually paid attention to a matchup between the “divas” on WWE television. Then it turns out that someone backstage told her she went TOO HARD, seriously, TOO HARD? What happened to that old saying that this ain’t ballet?

I remember back a while that there were these two women, Trish Stratus and Lita, who would work a match and people would actually pay attention. They were much more than just eye candy; they had “IT” and were able to be plugged into storylines with the men, as well as being able to carry their own story during a show. They weren’t the only people who could work, but they were far and away the head of their class as all around performers. People cared about what Trish Stratus was doing at all times, and Lita was in some of the most compelling moments in the business, even as the center of one of the greatest feuds of the early to mid-2000s with Edge and Matt Hardy. When they worked, you made sure you paid attention to the match.

In recent times I’ve taken to calling the women’s matchups, pardon my language, piss break matches. The placement of the match on a card seemed to be perfectly timed to where you had a chance to get out, get refreshments, stretch your legs, or…well…take a piss. I remember sitting at WrestleMania back in Orlando when the lights went out before the women’s matchup and not only did I laugh, but also found it kind of interesting that the failure happened so late and so close to the main event allowing people to just get up and stretch, go to the bathroom, get a soda and an overpriced funnel cake, and get back in time to see the main event. I know you can say it’s because the company went away from them work of the past and have ignored the female workers; you can say that there is nothing in creative for them, but I personally think that the people in position just aren’t what they once were.

Instead of telling Kaitlyn to take it easy, you should instead be letting her go out and put on the show of a lifetime with the other woman who got people hooked a year ago. Right now you could have a new Lita and Trish on your hands, you just need to take hold and let them run with the program they’re given. Ziggler sells out every night, hell even Rikishi would oversell like crazy to get make you pay attention to his matches, not to mention someone like Rob Van Dam and the insane selling he would do to get the match hyped for people. Kaitlyn has the look, the build, and the talent, as does A.J.; just let them go out and tear the house down. I’m going to be paying attention to WrestleMania this year, of all the things I’m hoping for, right near the top of the list is now for a “divas” title match that actually matters and is a flat out barn burner. If there’s ANYONE with a connection to WWE who can get their attention, for the love of all that is holy, get them to make this happen.

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