Hopes For The Wyatt Family

I’d like to start this article off by saying that I have never seen Bray Wyatt in the ring beyond some scarce memories of Husky Harris. I saw one tag match involving the Wyatt family on NXT, but Bray sat in a rocking chair on the entrance way so I didn’t get to see his in ring abilities. I have however heard a lot of rumblings on the Internet and understood that not only were they the stand outs of the class, but that their gimmick was one unlike anything we’ve seen in many years. I then saw the vignette put on this week’s Monday Night Raw and must say that I unbelievably excited to see these men debut. Creepy, strange, wonderfully colourful shirts and these men have got my full attention, these men have me wanting to see their stories and I’ve literally only seen a minute long video of them, not even wrestling.


Let’s start with their character, I honestly don’t really know how to describe it, but I’m getting a cult leader, Jim Jones vibe mixed with back woods, almost Duck Dynasty type people. I see these guys drinking moonshine, I see these guys slaughtering pigs in their kitchen, I see these guys possibly making illegal drugs deep in the forest away from civilization. And I can honestly I have never seen anything quite like this before on WWE television, never really seen anything like this on any wrestling program. I guess you could compare him to a mix between Straight Edge Society CM  Punk and HillBilly Jim, but that’s about the best I can do. They are bringing a dark, more mature set of characters into the mix and it is about time, this strikes me as a major step in the right direction.

What about their in-ring abilities? Well all I’ve heard is that they’re running NXT, and with the current state of NXT, the developmental system, not to mention the plethora of young talent WWE has been bringing on the show, that tells me that these three men are going to fare just fine in the world of RAW. Not to mention that Bray Wyatt is Mike Rotunda’s son, I think the WWE Universe has some tremendous matches to look forward to. The question really becomes will WWE allow this group to go the places within storylines that they need to go? Will WWE be willing to put out a more edgy program that may upset some children and make some parents nervous?Honestly I don’t really think WWE will go as far as I want them to, but I guess they never will and that’s my own problem. But even beyond that I don’t believe WWE will go as far as they should to really make these men main event talents, just my opinion and I know we are certainly way too early to make any sort of concrete stance.

But regardless of the handling of the stories, the matches I still believe will be top notch and top quality, but how can I say that when I’ve never seen them wrestle? Well besides the fact they’ve been claimed as a strong team, I can kind of see where WWE creative is going with this team. Right now The Shield Is dominating and doing a great job of that, but they are soon to run into a problem. What is left? They have dominated, been able to beat everyone and even destroy legends. They’ve taken all the belts they’ve wanted, so they could go after the bigger belts, but that’s unlikely. They could add a member or disband, but I for one certainly do not want either of those things to happen anytime soon at least. What The Shield really needs is a set of credible opponents who can not only stand toe to toe with them in the ring, but be able to get in their mind.

Enter The Wyatt Family. These big dudes can cause some serious damage to The Shield and for that matter, the rest of the WWE roster as well. Ladies and gentlemen, this one goes out to every person taking the time to read it, we are sitting at what could be the beginning of a classic WWE feud that our kids look back on as a golden age. These are 2 three man teams, meaning we have 6 talents that can become main event stars and they may be heading into a feud with all 6 of them scrapping at each other over belts, a couple months ago none of these men were known by most of the WWE audience, today I for one am incredibly excited at the possibility of seeing these two teams clash bringing excitement, and some genuinely new product to WWE TV, it’s all in time and I’m glad just to be allowed to watch it unfold.

  • Chris Surrency

    I would say look at my earlier piece on the Bray Wyatt character. He’s a Waylon Mercy type character, kind of a Max Cady from Cape Fear deal. Not too sure how the other two work in all of it, but, this could get really good, really fast.

  • Numero Uno

    I like Duck Dynasty