How To Fix The Divas Division


I wrote an earlier article talking about all the wrongs and inequalities I saw with the WWE’s Divas division. It is only fair that I write an article on how I would fix the division. I will be doing a major overhaul to what looks like a lost cause, so bare with me.

Distinguish Between Wrestlers & Valets

The first thing to do is cut down from the massive sized roster that we have now; it is over crowded and unnecessary. Best way to do this is to understand who can wrestle (or is at least improving), and who is just a pretty face. The Divas I would pick to stay on the roster as full-time wrestlers are:

  1. AJ Lee
  2. Brie Bella
  3. Nikki Bella
  4. Cameron
  5. Naomi
  6. Natalya
  7. Emma
  8. Tamina Snuka

AJ is of course on this list, because she is the total package. She has proven time and time again that she is a great champion. The Bella Twins have improved in the ring, and they come as a package deal. Whether face or heel, they are a unique set of talent. Naomi and Cameron are really rubbing on me as rising stars, the same goes for Emma. I would separate Naomi and Cameron and let them shine on their own though seeing as they are no longer just valets for Brodus Clay. I will elaborate more on that in just a little bit. Emma would also join the ranks of rising young talent along side Cameron and Naomi. Natalya is the veteran and a proven competitor. Tamina would be the power house that could be a dominant champion if given a chance. Layla would be on this list too, but she is currently injured and rusty. She should return and get adjusted to the big stage again at NXT with Aksana, Rosa Mendes, and Alicia Fox. If a new wrestler needs a valet, then a diva would be  great. Summer Rae is perfect in her current role as Fandango’s valet and occasional wrestler.With that established, one idea I think that would work great is a GM for the Diva division. I think the best choice for this job is Eva Marie. She is a natural heel, and she will be as far away from the ring as she can without being fired.

Focus On Quality

There are three areas that need to be looked at, because the quality has been seriously lacking: characters, feuds, and ring work. You do have some exceptions, but why should we settle for exceptional quality work when that could be the standard. Lets be honest, the only Diva with real development is AJ. Everyone else is an interchangeable heel or face. Even Tamina is a stale body guard to AJ. Does anyone even know why she is protecting AJ and her title reign? Seriously, can anyone tell me why the “powerhouse” Diva isn’t gunning for the gold? This is what you do to fix this and add some depth to these women.

  • Turn Tamina face and have her turn on AJ, claiming to be sick of AJ hiding behind her.
  • Turn Naomi heel and claim that Cameron is trying to steal her spot. Make her the new dominant heel in the division. Cameron can continue with the disco gimmick, but make Naomi more of a serious threat, out to get what was taken from her. You can even have her take out Aksana so she can go back to development.
  • Natalya should start playing up the fact that she is a member of the Hart family. She can even bring in Tyson Kidd as her manager/husband. It would be a nice change to see a man fall into the shadows of his wife, and could provide an interesting story down the line.
  • Eva Marie could swindle her way into the new position of GM for the Divas, and start a mini Authority feud with The Bella Twins. That would provide an interesting parallel with the current feud between Daniel Bryan and Triple H
  • Emma works as the wacky comedy act for now. But that mean streak needs to come out soon so she can be a serious threat for the championship soon.

All of these ideas give the Divas some depth and allow them to shine, instead of being cookie cutter archetypes. The problem with this is that you can’t really showcase talent on limited screen time. When you take out commercials you still have about 2 hours of air time left. You can sacrifice 10 minutes of that to developing one story line for the Divas. You only need to have 1 or 2 of these going on at the same time for such a small division anyway. Plus, since you would weed out the women who can’t wrestle, the matches would be interesting to watch.


One main component to all of this is patience. It takes time to naturally develop stories and characters. It could be just the culture of I want it now, but it seems that fans are more demanding now than ever. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it isn’t always a good thing to be overly vocal on something, just because it hasn’t happened right then and there.Many think that changing the title or bringing in Kharma or Paige will instantly fix all the problems, and that just isn’t true. A title change or one particular Diva won’t fix anything (look at how Gail Kim was handled).

Got any suggestions about what to do with the Diva division? What else do you think needs to be fixed in the WWE? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Mike

    One thing that I think has been over-looked is that Paige needs to be called up from NXT. Her match with Emma at NXT ArRIVAL was simply the best Divas match this century in my personal opinion. Get Paige up to the main WWE roster!!

  • Zeppelin Mayers

    I agree Paige is impressive and I can't wait to see what she can do.

  • Brandon Roberts

    i actually has an idea for emma to go psycho and become a deranged goth who tries to burn divas alive in the ring