How WWE Should Honor Paul Bearer On Next Week’s Raw

For those that missed it, The Undertaker is being officially advertised for next week’s WWE Raw in Indianapolis, Indiana and the following week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After serious doubt about whether or not he would work this year, Undertaker will defend “the streak” against CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29.

This week was Undertaker’s first appearance on WWE television since the 1000 the episode of Raw last summer. Late Tuesday night a legendary part of The Undertaker gimmick passed away. Undertaker’s longtime manager Paul Bearer died suddenly at the age of 58.

After you check out this photo of Paul with the boys back in the 90′s, here’s how I think WWE should open next week’s WWE Raw.

At 8 PM EDT (remember to set your clocks up) on the USA Network the GONG should open Raw and Undertaker should emerge on the stage. He should drop to one knee, Undertaker style, pictured below:


WWE should then run the awesome Paul Bearer tribute video as Undertaker is facing the big screen. After the video airs, they can cue the show open and go about the night.

How do you think WWE should honor Paul Bearer on Monday?

  • Jason

    I understand that Paul was Undertaker's manager, but he was Kane's as well and I think both Kane and Undertaker should be in the ring for it.

  • Tony

    I agree have the brothers of Destruction pay Homage that would be very cool!

  • Bob

    He managed Foley as well.

  • Patrick_OToole

    He's best known though for managing The Undertaker. I think Taker should start carrying the urn again and have Punk mess with/ steal it. Have Punk explain that Taker fought against the light (HBK and HHH) but he has never fought against someone as dark and evil as Punk. Knowing (and hoping) about how WWE acts I could see this used in a story-line somehow.

  • Stephen

    Have both of the brothers in the ring with the earn

  • Jake

    How about Kane asks Vickie for a match in honor, she makes Kane vs Punk. Punk tries to cheat, Undertaker shows up. Double choke slam, double pose with pic in background to end show, then one last shot of wm sign with taker.

    • David

      I’m all for the WWE advancing a story in any way necessary, except in a situation like this. I feel they need to honour the loss and keep it respectful for this episode, then they could begin questioning the power that the Undertaker has left after Bearer’s passing from the week afterwards.

      Really let Punk get some twisted mind games in, just nothing disrespectful. Hopefully Kane can have a good segment and a Mankind segment would be nice.

  • kbunyon

    I feel the Brothers of Destruction really need to do something big tonight. I also hope Foley is there, he deserves the time to pay tribute as well.

    The biggest thing I hope for is that they give Moody's tribute the time it deserves.


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