I Ain’t No Fortunate Son

Hennig It’s hard as hell to follow perfection, some would say it’s damn near impossible. Lately that’s what we’ve seen with the absurd name given to, as well as the booking of, Joe Henning, the son of a legend who has yet to be given a really fair shake in the business. The kid has been given high marks for his ring work in FCW, he’s even been given the approval of The Rock. I think his biggest issue so far has been the name he was saddled with; no matter what back story you want to put on it Michael McGillicutty is almost a career killer. I don’t think anyone took him seriously from day one with that abomination.

Hennig has been off of television (at least to those of us who only watch the main shows) for quite some time now. With this absence I think he could easily be repackaged and brought back into the fold after WrestleMania this year. I already have an entire plan set of how he could come back and immediately make an impact on one of the two primary shows. My idea would involve Miz and the IC title to begin, and slowly build up until Joe was in the main event picture within the next year. He’s a very talented worker and deserves to work on the main roster, even if it is just in the mid card.

I would have Miz come out with the title (after winning it from Barrett, obviously) and doing the typical face promo trying to get the crowd hyped. While he’s cutting the promo he’s interrupted by the classic Mr. Perfect music (maybe updated somewhat, but still the same) and the former Michael McGillicutty comes out wearing the black and teal singlet or at least using the color scheme, and a towel around his neck. He would talk about how he’s tired of being held back, he’s here to make his name known, and that name is Joe Hennig, The Perfect Son. He could talk about how that title Miz is carrying does not belong to him.

He would talk about how his father was one of the greatest IC champs of all time and how he is coming after the title that belongs on his waist. The next 2 months would feature Joe chasing Miz for the title but coming up just short, not quite pulling it off, with Miz somehow pulling out the victory at the last second. After the couple months build he would finally get the victory, taking out Miz with his own version of the Perfect Plex. I would then have him carry the title up until at least the Royal Rumble, I would also have him unify the US and IC titles finally getting rid of the extra belt that we don’t really need in WWE anyway.

Hennig would then enter the Rumble, after having dropped the IC title, and get down to the top 3 before being eliminated. This would begin to put him in a top of the card area; trying to build him to the main eventer I know he’s capable of becoming. When the number one contender Chamber match comes about, I would have him actually win this match and put himself into the World Heavyweight Championship picture. He wouldn’t WIN the title at WrestleMania, but he could at least compete and get himself firmly locked in as a main event worker.
Beyond that I would actually let him take next year’s Money in the Bank briefcase for the WHC and carry it until around Survivor Series where he would capture his first World Championship. After winning this title he would have achieved more than his own father, he would then be able to turn the gimmick to him saying how he’s better than his own father. This could slowly change his character and eventually lead to him being more of an Orton type heel. I know, this all seems like a pipe dream, but I honestly believe it’s possible and could seriously pay off for both the WWE and Joe Hennig. I mean, what would you expect when you’re the offspring of pure perfection?

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  • Mike

    That is a really well thought out idea! It’d be great to see them let him wrestle under his real name and something that hasn’t really been done for a couple years; acknowledge a second/third generation wrestler.

  • Darren

    I agree when he was on NXT he was my favorite. He seemed the head of the class. I thought he was ready to make the jump right after the show.

  • http://222.facebook.com/surrency525,https://twitter.com/Surrency525 Chris Surrency

    Ok, pretty awesome feeling right now. I tweeted a link for this to Joe Hennig, and got a response. There’s a chance he may have actually read my piece. Slight markout moment.

  • Mark Freeman

    I thought of a similar scenario before the rumble. I would of had Rock win the title as he did but then have Henning win the rumble with help from the shield. The next night on raw, Henning could come out and could a promo explaining why. He is the leader of the shield. He’s here to ruin the Rocks party. Why should people like the rock and orton be able to cash in on their families name and get an easy ride to the top, yet he is the son and grandson of the two greatest most perfect wrestlers ever. Vince screwed his dad and he’s tried to screwing him. He hasn’t had chance to live off his family name like all the others that have been given the easy ride. Etc etc

    • christopher525

      Wouldn't have been bad, I think they would have had a hard time getting it done so soon for him though. You need to build him up in the fans mind. I like the way you're thinking though.

      • Mark Freeman

        the way i was thinking behind that was the fact he had worked with rock, getting him ring ready, so them two would already have ring chemistry and what better way to build someone or get the fans behind them than win the rumble and spend 3 2 months taking out the rock