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SwaggerVAngleI just read an article on the main site, Wrestling News World, about Kurt Angle mentioning that he is going to give Impact a solid 3 years and then he’ll either retire or do a part time deal. I think this last part may stem from the fact that Lesnar, Rock, Jericho, and Undertaker have been given the ability to work part time for WWE the past couple years. With that planted firmly in mind I started thinking about a contribution he could make in a part time capacity down the road, if all things worked out correctly, which may be saying a LOT for what I’m thinking.

I would love to see a “Hogan/Rock” matchup at WrestleMania in a few years using Kurt Angle in the Hogan passing the torch role. He would be old, and past his prime, but possibly still able to have a solid main even match at the biggest show of the year. He could come in and be built up as a legend, doing mostly speaking and appearances, what have you. They could even have him leading the Hall of Fame class for that year; no matter what he’s said or done lately he easily deserves that honor.

While thinking of this scenario I wondered to myself who he could face in said matchup, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Bo Dallas, maybe Zack Ryder (Ok, that’s clearly a joke, but I’m sure SOMEONE would like that)? My selection is Jack Swagger due to their amateur background, it should be one hell of a matchup, maybe even up with the classic Angle versus Lesnar match of back in the day, hopefully without the botched finish though. The tough part will be making sure Swagger is still around at that time considering his attitude issues and arrest problems that have recently occurred.

I think these two men could put on one hell of a match, even with Angle in the twilight of his career. I could see it as the last match of the night, maybe even with a title on the line (and possibly Swagger’s streak with him possibly being 3-0 after this year and staring down a 5 or 6-0 streak at that point. Hopefully I’m not the only one thinking this and maybe Swagger, Angle, Vince, and Triple H have considered this opportunity.

Having been a fan for ages, and loving when the rare past/present matchups occur I would absolutely love to see this happen. I’ll be keeping my eyes open over the next few years, looking forward to the chance to see the greatest amateur wrestler in pro wrestling history working a match with a younger, bigger, stronger version of himself. I’ve often compared Swagger to a combination of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle, maybe along the way you could even have a Swagger and Lesnar feud. I hope to see this before Angle gives it up completely, and only hope Jack is able to keep his nose clean enough to pull it off. Will we get to see this happen? Only time will tell.

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    People are making way too big an issue over Swagger’s recent arrest like he murdered somebody or something. The guy got busted for driving under the infulence of marijuana. Yeah it was a stupid thing to do, but it’s not like he is going to prison. In fact he’s not even going to serve a minute a jail time. Plus because of WWE’s rules concerning marijuana use he isn’t even going to receive a wellness strike against him. The only thing that might be a real concern with Swagger is his past attitude issues. Which I honestly don’t even feel are still an issue. If they were, there is absolutely no way that he would be in the position that he is right now. If Vince didn’t have full confidence in Swagger he would not have signed off on this huge push he is currently getting. So hopefully Jack has learned something from his run in with the law and keeps his nose clean. If he does the sky is the limit for him now that he has a great mouth piece like Coulter picking up the slack on the mic for him. Because his in ring skills are already top notch, and are only going to get better with time.

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    The only thing that might be a real concern with Swagger is his past attitude issues.