I Walk Alone…And Without A Deal

dave_batista2 Something caught my attention yesterday, it had to do with a possible return for Batista and how he’s demanding a lot more money than he may be worth to the company. While I actually am a fan of Batista, I don’t feel he has too much room to argue his value in the same area as a Brock Lesnar or The Rock. Brock actually competed at the highest level of MMA with the UFC and won their heavyweight title, carrying it for a while before illness took him down. The Rock is a bona fide star in Hollywood who just happens to also be THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. Some people even said that Batista deserves to be on the same deal as Chris Jericho, which I also believe to be incorrect as Jericho has been in the business for nearly 25-30 years of his life and has put in enough time to be able to pick and choose his spots as well, where Batista has not.

As stated before, I have always been a big fan of Batista and would actually welcome a part time return on his part, possibly even marking out at his first appearance. The problem with putting him up against Brock is that although Batista tried his hand at MMA, it was on a low level similar to someone saying they’re a pro wrestler because they had a couple matches for an indie promotion. Brock Lesnar (aside from being one of the biggest names in the WWE and pro wrestling when he left) went on to compete in the UFC and carry their top title, while taking out a legend in the process and beating up on person after person. Brock’s accomplishments in the UFC, no matter how short his time there, were great as he was competing with the best in the business in the world of MMA and beating them, Batista competed with a guy nobody had ever heard of and beat them, not quite the same.

Batista has started making movies now and from all accounts was apparently pretty good in his first big role in The Man With The Iron Fists. The said, he’s still breaking into that business while The Rock has been entrenched in it for the last decade or more. The Rock has made some good movies, some bad movies, maybe even horrible in the eyes of some, but he’s been at it for a while now and is a legit star in Hollywood. Recently Rocky was dubbed the “franchise saver” for his success with the Fast and Furious series, as well as his upcoming role in G.I. Joe, meaning his a pretty big deal in the world of movies now. Next year Batista is supposed to be in the next major Marvel movie, which could push him closer to Rock’s territory but he’s still at least a year out from that role. While he does deserve another run and a good pay day for his part time status as a sendoff, he’s nowhere near The Rock’s level at this time.

Dave was a big deal during his run racking up title reign after title reign, working as a part of The Streak, and was actually seen as one of the top guys in the business but don’t think for a second that puts him in the same realm as Chris Jericho. Batista wasn’t nearly as electric on the mic as Jericho on his worst day, he couldn’t do half in the ring that Jericho can do even with the flu and injuries. Jericho is essentially the current version of HBK, like it or not, he’s still amazing on the mic, he’s putting in some of the best work he’s done in ages in the ring, and although he may be short he’s actually got the “rock star” look even without the hair. While Batista was a good worker and serviceable on the mic, he was not at the level of Jericho, his star isn’t nearly as bright as The Rock, and he never got to the top of the mountain in the world of MMA like Lesnar.

I would love a return from Batista, I’m looking forward to it actually, but I’m not going to pretend to put him on the same level as the three most mentioned people in comparison. If he were able to hold off for maybe a year or so then I could see him getting a bigger offer, as of the moment though, I don’t see it happening. They may come to an agreement and work out a contract, but he shouldn’t be given the same treatment as Lesnar, Rock, or Jericho. Hopefully something gets worked out and we can at least get one last run out of Batista as a final sendoff, but we’ll have to see if he can work out a deal that he feels is fair in pay and that the WWE offices feel is fair to them. As it stands, the way Batista left feels a bit like the final episode of Seinfeld to me, a lot of buildup only to end with a boring anti-climactic final curtain. With any luck we’ll see Batista and maybe even get the “dream match” that has been mentioned as well, as long as he gets rid of the delusion that he’s such a major deal when he hasn’t earned it as of this writing.

  • http://WWENews.net Van Hammer

    Batista would be the Rock or Brock Lesnar for TNA. If he was booked to look unstoppable at a PPV and he had the creative control to insist he came away looking dominant I see no reason why he couldnt get comparable money from TNA and raise his stock for WWE. That said, I dont see him being able to negotiate that well enough to stay on the right side of Vinny Mac.

    If he came back as a Sheild agent I think he could add the much needed star power to that group and give back as a show of his worth for a potentially better payday down the line.

  • Mark

    Batista was servicable on the mic? When? Batista was a joke on the mic, and couldn't hold a candle to even the likes of Mark Henry or Ryback, both of whom are "serviceable". How many times did Batista drop a line, making his intensity look fake? So, with no real MMA resume, and a history of bad mic work, I say good riddance.