I Want Hulk Hogan To Wrestle Again – Part 2

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A while ago, I wrote an article called I Want Hulk Hogan To Wrestle Again, it was slightly controversial as most people strongly disagreed with me.
Recently, our boss Richard Gray wrote a fantastic piece called JUST SAY NO TO HULK HOGAN VS. JOHN CENA AT WRESTLEMANIA XXX, which covered his passionate disagreement with Hulk wrestling again. Now just in-case you haven’t heard, ever since Hogan departed from TNA Wrestling, rumours around the internet (and from the Hulksters mouth directly) began circulating about the possibility of Hulk Hogan at least appearing at Wrestlemania. Soon, that quickly escalated into the possibility of Hogan vs Cena.
Now I understand completely where Richard is coming from, but I disagree nearly entirely. Once again, I stand alone in saying (with a straight face) that I want to see a 60-year old Hulk Hogan main-event Wrestlemania XXX (Of course, unless Undertaker vs Sting happens).Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania Tour Hits Perth

I KNOW that he can’t wrestle anymore. I KNOW he is one bad bump or landing away from serious injury. But I don’t care, I still want to see it happen. I want to state now that I am, like most of the IWC, a “rasslin” fan. I enjoy the in-ring aspect over the entertainment side and the companies I regularly watch (ROH, AAA and NXT) cater to this. However, the attraction of the Hulkster in wrestling is unparalleled to almost anybody else. There is the argument that Hogan is no longer the attraction he was, while of course this is true to an extent, the casual wrestling fan will be unaware of his recent TNA stint and the cloud of negative publicity that follows him. On top of that, the younger casual audience’s parents will remember and cheer him once nostalgia kicks in.
I’ve followed Hogan’s career since he departed WWE in 2007 and his handful of matches since leaving. He was nd limited in his Hulkmania tour where he main-evented against Ric Flair. His two “matches” in TNA were even more limited. So what’s my point? That it doesn’t matter how limited the in-ring abilities are. People often refer to Andre vs Hogan or Rock vs Hogan, both rather terrible matches really but both two of the most memorable moments Wrestlemania has ever produced. The MOMENT is more important than the MATCH.

I’m going to quote a paragraph from part one because I feel it’s more relevant than ever:
“But you know what everyone can relate to? An underdog story. A comeback underdog story. A story that could be applied to many wrestlers today :Jake the Snake Roberts, Ric Flair, maybe even Scott Hall. It’s a story that has been used (to great success too) for Terry Funk over the years, but the story would easily be the best fit for Hogan. Basically Rocky Balboa/6 in which Sylvester Stallone (Hogan’s co-star in Rocky 3) comes out of retirement, trains like never before and has one last crack at the top. He has nothing to prove to anyone, except himself. Substitute Rocky with Hulk/Thunderlips and boxing with wrestling and voila.
Of course, Hogan would have to be deadly serious about training. It’s well known his back is a wreck and part robotic, if we’re talking movie parallels, we don’t want it going down The Wrestler route and realistically, it could go either way. Hogan would have to be able to move relatively pain free, we know he is going to be limited in-ring no matter what and so he should get his body as healthy as possible. This means not just hitting the weights and “hulking up” and no more exploding radiators. He should seriously get on DDP Yoga, which has done the impossible for Hall, Jake and that guy who was told he would never walk unaided again. If they could get DDP involved on screen even better. It would help the audience cheer for Hogan to recover if they saw him struggle through the grueling process. Plus good publicity for DDP – everybody wins. ”

Hulk Hogan is fundamental to what Wrestlemania was/is, to have his one last match at Wrestlemania XXX is like destiny, it practically writes itself.
I am so certain it would work, I would put money on it. Plus, there is a few other routes they could do, such as tag-team match involving Hogan, although it would be nowhere nearly as special or, as much as I hate to use the word – “epic”. Even if i’s just an un-announced appearance,  once “Real American” hits and Hogan comes down to save the day, people WILL pop. I’ve seen Hogan twice during his TNA run on the UK tours and people were going nuts – me included. Imagine the reaction at ‘Mania!
My name is Kyle Schimanski and I want one last Hulk up.

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