In New York I Lost It All

wrestlemania 29 met life set Earlier this week I was given the opportunity to join in on the predictions for WrestleMania to be featured on the main Wrestling News World site. I made a few predictions that went counter what my original thoughts were. I have to admit that I have had a knack in the past for nailing upcoming matches and their outcomes, but this year at WrestleMania I’m having trouble really getting a solid feel for what may happen. I’m going to go over a couple matches here and what I think SHOULD happen. These may or may not contradict what’s posted there, but as I told Kendra, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this card and my head and heart say two completely different things currently.

First up is the big six man tag match, The Shield vs. Big Show, Orton, and Sheamus. While many people think Orton will turn heel during this match and either join Shield or just take out his team, I have a feeling that’s going to come AFTER this show leading to a Sheamus and Orton feud. My initial instinct was, and still is, that Christian returns at this show as a fourth member of The Shield to help take out the SuperFace team in this match. While he’ll actually look like he’s there to help the others, he’ll wind up pulling the old Sting joining the Wolfpac and drop one of the 3 main people with a Killswitch leaving the other two to be picked apart by the Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose. I’ve thought this for some time and seeing that he’s cleared and in the area yesterday has me really thinking this has a chance of happening.

Next is what I felt originally was a throwaway match, that I think may have potential to lead to an elevation of one member of the match; Clay and Albert with the “Funkadactyls” against Sandow, Rhodes, and the Bella twins. While I think this has the potential to just be a filler match to waste time during the show another part of me can see something bigger coming from the match. I honestly would LOVE to see, and hope it does happen, Sandow turn on Rhodes and leave him lying after this match. It would mean Cody somehow takes the loss to the big fellas, with Sandow getting sick of the weak link of the team and beating him down afterward. Cody would then become a babyface and Damien could become a much darker heel version of himself. I’ve felt from day one that Sandow had the makings of a new Triple H, having the same trainer doesn’t hurt, and this could be where he breaks out down that path.

My last match for this article is actually a two in one type scenario. The matchup of Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger is a very interesting one because of the looming specter of Dolph Ziggler and his briefcase. I feel that either he’ll cash in DURING their match and take the title while they’re both out, which I believe has never happened, it’s also never been said that it wasn’t a legal way to win. The contract is supposed to be “anytime” they want to cash it in; this would add another twist to the gimmick and make things more interesting. I could see Del Rio having suffered an ankle lock, but being saved by Ricardo, who’s taken down by Colter. Del Rio would find a way to stand, briefly, and drop Colter before hitting his kick on Swagger and falling to the ground in pain, unable to move. Ziggler’s music hits, he runs down the aisle with the case in hand. Swagger starts to get up; he hits him with the Zig Zag, throws Del Rio from the ring, covers Swagger and walks out the champion.

As I stated earlier, these may very well contradict my original predictions. This is how I feel the show SHOULD be booked, effectively creating new stars, as well as bringing back and highlighting some current stars. This could allow Del Rio AND Swagger to chase Ziggler for the title, also it would allow Sandow to either slide into a midcard title picture or start transitioning into the main event. This would be a great way to bring Christian back as a heel instead of the easy babyface return, keep The Shield as a solid force and keep them winning until later this year. I would absolutely love to see all of this play out on Sunday night, although I’m not sure that it will. This is all from a fan perspective, and I have zero input with creative, so we shall see what comes to pass.

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