Iron Clad: New Definition?

Big Show ThreatenedGrowing up, when you hear certain phrases, they stick with you. Over the years, when I heard the term “Iron Clad,” I assumed that it meant that it was foolproof, airtight, or any other way you’d like to think about it. Last year, Big Show came back saying he could do whatever he wanted, all because he had an “Iron Clad” contract.


However, over the last few weeks, the logic of that same contract has been thrown out the window. Triple H and the “Corporate Evolution” have been using the Big Show as a slave, saying that if he doesn’t perform, then he’s in breach of contract and can be terminated. So we’re supposed to believe that he can supposedly do whatever he wants with no repercussions, yet he can be bossed around like a crying, five hundred pound infant?


What I’d like to know is, how can we be expected to believe that Show can walk away from the WWE for a few months, using that iron clad contract as an excuse, yet if he refuses to knock out Daniel Bryan or lays his hand on the Shield, he’s fired? Now, I know I may not be a fancy educated lawyer like my opponent here (Futurama reference, anyone?!) but even I would throw up any and every red flag within reach after seeing that.


Is it really all that surprising that WWE thinks we’ve forgotten all about major storylines, though? I could give many examples if i spent a whole day thinking about wrestling, but a few glaring examples come to mind, such as the Anonymous Raw General Manager. WWE spent months trying to get us fans drawn into the storyline with little hints about who the GM could be. Could it be Austin? Piper? Rock? Almost every week the clue was different, which was supposedly to make us keep guessing. Then, after Austin destroys the laptop, months go by with no word about the storyline, and we finally get a reveal, yet it’s unceremoniously shown that it was Hornswoggle all along, and nothing ever comes from it again?


I’ll admit, I love the WWE. I know it has it’s issues from time to time, but I also know that you can’t please everybody. People are always going to complain in life, no matter what happens, I get that. What I don’t like is, as a fan, to be treated like i have no memory, or that I have a three week attention span. There are many logical failures that I’ve seen in the last few weeks of the Big Show’s struggle, but no mistake they’ve made has been as glaringly obvious as they way they’ve treated his supposedly “Iron Clad” contract. They’ve spent two to three weeks completely ignoring it before changing the definition of what iron clad truly means. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I personally think they shot themselves in the foot when it comes to how they’ve dealt with the Big Show in this story. Let’s just hope things get better soon before it ruins a legendary career!

  • jean

    I think they are undermining and threatening to tear up his whole "iron clad" contract because they are trying to portray a dictatorship that is running the wwe. Pretend that vince and/or hunter is adolph hitler, with the shield being the Gestapo(military enforcers) and you got your answer. basically , they can do whatever they want because they OWN the company!

    • Justin Mayo

      Nice references! I'm not arguing with that, I just personally think it's a huge plot hole to have even forgotten about it for weeks in the first place, you know? I mean, we're not stupid…well…MOST of us aren't lol…From day one, we all expected him to do something, knowing he had that contract behind him, only to see him turn into a sniveling, blubbering mess, you know what I mean?

      • jean

        Yes, I know what you mean. Suspended belief is how I deal with all these plot holes and inconsistencies, basically just try not to over analyze it because it is pretty stupid usually..

        • Justin Mayo

          Ya, I know if all you do is look for something to complain about, you can usually find it, even if it''s stupid, but that was just a glaring, 500 pound elephant in the room, I couldn't resist lol.