Is It Now Sandow’s Time?

Hot off the heels of probably WWE’s worst Pay Per View of 2013, Battleground, comes WWE’s latest event Hell In A Cell. With fans looking for a huge improvement in the quality of the event, and WWE trying to boost numbers with the earlier than expected return of John Cena, would this now be the time to pull the trigger on one of the companies stand out stars and have Damien Sandow cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.


Sandow has now been holding on to the briefcase since 14 July 2013, and since this date the booking of Sandow by WWE has been some what questionable. People have already questioned if this is just another way of WWE trying to take their audience ‘by surprise’ and not expect the cash in given that Sandow seems to have hit the skids. However, we all know that only John Cena has been unsuccessful in his attempt to cash in Money in the Banks, and that’s only because it was not a surprise given he gave the WWE Champion, CM Punk one weeks notice.

But is now really the right time to cash in for Sandow? After all, he has consistently stated that he will cash in the contract honourably and at the right moment. However, a surprise cash in from Sandow is more than likely going to be more beneficial for his character, and plays up the heel persona he portrays so well. It would certainly give Sandow what he needs from the start – An opponent to really cement his run as World Heavyweight Champion. If Cena defeats Alberto Del Rio then with Cena being the face of WWE, it brings Sandow instant credibility if he can not only work with Cena in a feud, but defeat Cena following his cash in.

Sandow & Cena

Most people will look at the cash in if this is the case and see it as inevitable. And while this may be the case, what better opportunity for WWE to pull it off? Not only does this boost the stock of Sandow as World Heavyweight Champion by defeating someone like Cena, it shows WWE’s intent not to make Cena look like a super human. Given the fact that Cena has come back from his injury earlier than first thought, would it really hurt Cena to defeat Del Rio and then drop the title immediately to Sandow? It’s a no lose situation for Cena in his first match back after several months out.

I am of course relying on one thing here – John Cena defeating Alberto Del Rio. The fact is, in my mind I am taking this as a given result already. Whilst that may be a huge mistake to make can anyone really see a different outcome? Supposing that Del Rio does somehow defeat Cena though, Sandow still has the option to cash in on Del Rio as no doubt he would win dirty and get hit with an Attitude Adjustment. For me there is really no benefit to a heel against heel feud. It doesn’t really benefit anyone involved and means WWE need to look for a face to insert into the angle to keep the fans gauged and interested.


Sandow has demonstrated since the character débuted in WWE in April 2012 that he can not only carry himself in the ring, but can carry himself on the microphone, and has no problem drawing in a crowd. I feel that Hell in a Cell is the perfect opportunity for WWE to begin the launch of Sandow’s next step. I also hope WWE will go down the road of him cashing in on Cena as I believe this benefits all parties involved. WWE need to legitimise Sandow following the poor months of booking he has suffered since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. Sunday night will of course be the turning point, and if WWE do not pull the trigger now, for me I do not see a better time or opportunity ahead down the line.

As always, I am curious to know your thoughts on this matter. Do you think Sunday is Sandow’s time? Or do you feel that a better opportunity may come along? I look forward to reading your comments below, and will of course, respond as always.

  • jean

    In hindsight, unfortunately it wasn't to be against Super Cena :(

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