It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

GoldyWhile watching Raw and Smackdown lately, I’ve noticed the Fandango character, as has EVERYONE else. It’s annoying people how he refuses to work matches, which is getting him a ton of heat so far and is getting him over as heel. One thing keeps running in my head though every time I see him on television. I believe the phenomenon is known commonly as déjà vu.

The character seems slightly effeminate, while also trying to talk about how much of “man” they are; at least that’s what I’m getting to this point. He relies on a female companion also, although it seems to be different companions each time instead of the same one. He has a big extravagant entrance with all kinds of flare. We haven’t seen him work a match yet (on television, in this character) so we can’t be sure how close the move set is to that of the person I liken him to so far, but time will tell on that one.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, this gimmick makes me think of a less controversial, less edgy, 2013 version of Goldust. That’s not entirely a bad thing, but the watering down of what worked for Dustin back in the day could come off as a negative. The character portrayed by Dustin in the 90′s of the overtly sexual, dirty, creepy, possibly bisexual, with his disturbing flirting with the likes of Ahmed Johnson, Razor Ramon, and Roddy Piper, was easily memorable because you always had that “did he REALLY just say/do that” feeling when he was on television.

I don’t think that WWE could get away with half the stuff they did with Goldust currently, which is why I am nervous that the Fandango character will fail. Johnny Curtis is a talented worker, that’s not the issue; it will be nice to see if he can pull this one off. If Curtis is able to get the reactions out of the current PG version of what worked for Dustin then he should easily be in line for a major push, with or without staying in the Fandango character. I’ve seen a lot of people given rehashed characters from the past but this one may be one of the more challenging to accomplish.

I wish Cutis all the luck in the world with his current position in the company; I think he’s really going to need it. One major upside is that he’s getting time on TV, and he’s being featured in most of his segments. He’s also getting the fans to hate him due to the arrogance of the character and his desire to have his name pronounced absolutely flawlessly before he’ll work a match. I just don’t know how well it will work without the shock factor of the last guy to work in a similar role. I’ll be watching, and hoping he succeeds, this could make for a very interesting ride.

  • Steven

    Even if he manages to pull off the Fandango gimmick at first, I just can’t see Curtis even making it to Intercontinental level. My biggest problem with him is that he is too big to be in a revamped cruiserweight division, and that is where a character like this belongs.

  • Dave

    Interesting… I've been noticing bits of Val Venis in the Fandango character