John Cena Heel Turn

There isn’t a single wrestling fan (read: smark) that wouldn’t love to see this happen.  In truth, it’s been a long time coming.  For roughly a decade, Cena has been stuck in the same stale gimmick.  You know the one:  Salute the crowd, run to the ring, give passionate promo, end up with the title eventually, etc., etc.  His ring work?  Far better than he’s ever been given credit for.  He’s constantly derided for the “five moves of doom” (I won’t mention them; you already know what they are.)  However, there’s far more to him in the ring than those boring moves.  He’s proven it repeatedly and those that hate him refuse to see that.  Their loss, really.  Having said all of that, those moves are incredibly boring and they don’t even register with this writer anymore.  His gimmick is incredibly tired and it needs a change.

There’s never been a better time for Cena to turn heel.  It appears WWE hasn’t been willing to go there with him because he was (and still is) the “Face of WWE.”  More to the point, he was the only guy who’d do the “Make A Wish” thing and he was the only one they could do the modern day “Hulk Hogan” thing with.  I say “was” because that’s no longer the case.  Enter Daniel Bryan.  Bryan has become the “uber-face” of the company and, while not yet being the “face of WWE,” he is absolutely its most popular asset at the moment.  I think Bryan could have serious staying power.  Cena has been getting a fairly even mix of boos and cheers for some time now.  He’s nearly equally loved and hated by the WWE Universe.  Heck, even Bryan’s merch is selling well!  All of this makes it a perfect time for Cena to turn heel.

An opportunity to turn him heel has already passed WWE by.  They could have made it happen at “WrestleMania XXX.”  Bray was looking for the monster in Cena and Cena very easily could have shown said monster on that night.  The building of the feud certainly pointed that way.  Of course, that didn’t happen and Cena yet again rose above the odds (snore!) and won in typical Cena fashion. Thankfully, the Cena/Wyatt feud isn’t yet over so there’s still time.  Wyatt has promised to “give him a little more push” to make the monster appear.

It’s really just a hop, skip, and a jump from happening.  All he has to do is give in and attack Wyatt the way Wyatt is begging him to.  Can’t you just see it?  Wyatt begs him to attack him during a match – kneeling before Cena with his hands outstretched.  Cena grabs a chair and, after some hesitation, finally gives in and loses it.  He repeatedly and maniacally slams the chair into Wyatt’s chest.  Wyatt falls to the mat and is repeatedly hit in the back with the chair by a crazed Cena.  After Cena’s attack has ended, Wyatt lays there sadistically laughing.  Cena drops the chair – shocked by what he’s just done.  He’s given in…and he likes it.  He leaves the ring and walks up the ramp looking straight ahead with a twisted smile.  The audience has no clue what to do with this as Cole and JBL play up the confusion concerning what he’s just done.  “Cena has snapped!”  As Erick and Luke help Bray up the ramp, Bray laughs while saying, “He’s my monster now!”  “Your hero is dead!”  “He was never real!”

Next week, Cena comes out to the ring and grabs the mic.  He stands there with the mic but doesn’t speak.  After a few minutes of this, he drops the mic saying under his breath, “I can’t do this anymore”  and walks back up the ramp without looking at anyone.  He stays off TV for a few weeks – each week the commentators sell their confusion over where Cena is and his actions the last time they saw him.  Wyatt has a match with someone else on the roster (doesn’t matter who.)  Luke, Erick, and Wyatt end up triple-teaming whoever is doing the job.  Out of nowhere, Cena’s music comes on and he runs out to the ring – ostensibly to make the save.  On the way in, he grabs a chair.  Once in the ring, all Wyatts stop attacking and stare at Cena.  Cena then approaches the jobber and begins mercilessly attacking him with the chair.  As he does so, Wyatt stands back and laughs manically.  When the attack ends, Cena slams the chair down and leaves the ring.  The Wyatts follow with Bray laughing all the way up the ramp.

Cena turned…hard.

I’m not a booker and I’m sure most who read this will be glad I’m not.  I’m sure others could come up with a better scenario than I just did.  In truth, that scenario represents less than two minutes worth of thought.  If I can come up with that, surely WWE can come up with something more creative to turn Cena.  Either way, it’s time to turn him - however WWE chooses to do it.  Here’s hoping they’ll take advantage of what is perhaps their most golden opportunity to actually go through with it.

  • Matt

    I think a Cena heel turn would be great; but I don’t see him doing it the way you put it. They did that with Daniel Bryan already. BUT, with the good reactions the Wyatts have, they could turn that around on itself and make Cena the heel he’s being treated as. I would like to see a more merciless, rough and tough Cena. Also, no more regular shorts, lol. Camo shorts, Jean shorts…just wear ring attire, man. Great article!

    • Theophilus McFadden

      Thanks for reading! Amen to the disappearance of the corny ring gear. He’s been rocking the same thing since Grover Cleveland was our nation’s president. Daniel Bryan wasn’t as merciless as John can be. John can go further because of his size. Time to move on. Give me something new. Anything!

  • MrSnaps

    I honestly would be very suprised to see a cena heel turn. while I think it would be entertaining, I also think it would be bad for business overalland especially bad for cena himself. Bret hart and steve austin, two of the top babyfaces of all time, have both cited heel turns Iin the latter parts of their career as terrible decisions, ruining their characters and credibilty. cenaa is in the same boat. turning heel would just be a bad move for him.

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