John Cena Does What’s Best For Business

I am going to preface this article with the fact that I am not really a John Cena fan. There are times that I feel he has been booked to be someone who was near impossible to beat and in turn made other talent look weak in the process. Just because I haven’t been thrilled with the way he’s been booked, doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the man. He’s done many things to help not only the company but the talent that he works with as well. That’s what this article is about; John Cena does what’s best for business.

Money in the Bank 2011: If you’re a CM Punk fan then you know the situation. Before that night, Punk still hadn’t signed a new contract and was determined to leave the company. After some talks and some of his needs were met, he signed a new contract and went over on Cena that evening to win the WWE Title. Now, put yourself in Cena’s shoes. This is a guy who has gone to bat for the company time and time again and he gets asked by his boss to lose to a guy who hates how he’s (Cena) been booked. You grant the most wishes out of anyone else in the company, you work hard to promote the company you work for and do your best to be a respectable person that can be called the face of the company. It would have been easy for Cena to pull the strings he had and say that he’s done more for the company than this other guy (Punk) has, so why should he lose to him? I guarantee that most people in his situation would have been very upset with the fact that Punk was going over, but Cena did it, not just because his boss told him to, but because he understood what was best for business.

Wrestlemania-Now: Cena is currently involved with a man that has been inside his head more than any other Superstar in recent years, Bray Wyatt. Bray is an up and comer and we can all see that he is destined for greatness, and he is lucky enough to get a rub from the top guy in the company relatively early on in his career. While John may have won at Wrestlemania, that in no way buried Bray. Since John did go over, this has allowed Bray’s character to be one that will go to great lengths to take down his opponents and makes him look resilient as well. Cena has been known to crack too many jokes in his promos and seem to take his opponents too lightly, and while he has done this a little bit, most of his work with Bray has made him seem like he is a genuinely concerned about his fan base and his well being. This makes Bray look even more like a monster which will only help him in the years to come. Cena knows this and he knows that making Bray look the best he can is best for business.


Future: If you get a chance, go on Youtube and watch the video of John behind the scenes at his “Hard Nock’s Health” gym. There is no other video that shows how much John cares about the future than that one. He lets the developmental talent come in to his gym and workout with him, ask him questions about the business and post their record lifts on the wall for everyone to see. There are not many top guys in the company that I have heard of that invite the young blood to come into their home gym and workout side by side with them. From the looks of the video, he’s developed some good relationships with the young talent and it’s started to bleed into the ring. I read a report just the other day that said John wants to work with Big E after Summerslam. This is yet another feud that would keep Cena away from the title scene, which would make some folks happy. The fact that he wants to continue to work with the Superstars of the future and is willing to stay out of the title scene shows what a company man the guy is. Bray and Big E will only look better coming out of a feud with John Cena, and that is what’s best for business.

At the end of the day, love him or hate him, John knows that his time to step away is coming. It may not be next year, or the year after but sooner or later that time will come. He knows that the future relies on him building up the talent,just like the Superstars of yesterday took the time to build him up. He deserves nothing but respect when it comes to his character and what he continues to do for the business. While we all may get tired of seeing him at times, without his help, the company’s future would be bleak and worrisome. Like I stated in the title of this article, John Cena does what’s best for business.

  • Adam Eaton

    Great article. I have always been a Cena fan and feels he doesn’t deserve most of the hate he gets. Your article actually gave me an idea for my next article at TNANews so thank you

  • CJ Blaze

    Nice job with this!! There aren’t many anti-Cena people who will admit the good he has done, they always focus on the bad it seems.

  • Tyler

    Great article!!! I think there are few who have been as dedicated as him. He’s never going to put on a match on the same level as Daniel Bryan or Kurt Angle but he’s still much better than he ever gets credit for. The 5 moves of doom argument is silly. Every big star has had his list of signature moves. Even HBK (elbow, reverse atomic drop, flying forearm) and Bret Hart (back breaker, Russian leg sweep, elbow drop) had their set of the same moves over and over. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Adam Eaton

      Finally someone has the same argument I have been stating for years! Every star has a series of moves they do every match. I just think the argument with Cena is for a while nobody would kick out of said moves but that has changed in the last year.