July 4th, 2005 – Monday Night RAW

I decided that since Independence Day was coming up here in the U.S.A. this Thursday that I’d write an article remembering events that have taken place on that day. While, the WWE celebrate’s Independence Day in their own way on their shows even if they aren’t exactly on the day of the holiday, holidays are celebrated that much more if the show is on the exact day of any given holiday.

Back in the early 80′s the WCCW used to have many events on specific holidays. They called these events (Holiday) Star Wars. Since we are speaking of Independence Day here, the WCCW Independence Day Star War’s took place in 1983 – 1986.

I will list here the Main Event’s for each show…

-1983 – The Von Erich’s (David, Kerry & Kevin) VS. The Fabulous Freebirds (Buddy Roberts, Michael Hayes, & Terry Gordy) in a 2 out of 3 fall tag team match.

-1984 – The Main Event was the same as 1983 except that David was replaced with Mike Von Erich and it was not best of 3 series.

-1985 – Kevin & Kerry Von Erich VS Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez

-1986 – The Von Erichs (Kevin, Lance & Mike) VS Butch Reed, Buzz Sawyer & Matt Borne for the WCCW 6-Man Tag Team Championship

Do you all remember the NWA/WCW War Games Matches? Well the very first one took place at the Great American Bash on July 4th, 1987. Back then, that years GAB took place on different dates across the country. This date in particular took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The participants for the very first War Games on Independence day 1987 was The Road Warriors (Animal, Hawk & Paul Ellering),Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff VS. The Four Horsemen (Double A, Luger, Flair, Blanchard & J.J. Dillon)

The ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) had an event on July 4th, 1999 in Belmar, NJ. The Main Events were The Dudleys (Bubba & D-Von) VS Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley in a “Flaming Tables” Match. And for the ECW World Heavyweight Title, Taz VS. Little Guido.

In 2005 the 4th of July fell on a Monday, and for every wrestling fan across the globe Monday means WWE RAW. This edition of RAW was broadcast live from Sacremento California and although no major announcements or title changes occured on this show, it is still one of only two Monday Night RAW’s that have taken place on Independence Day in RAW history. I’ll just do a brief run down of the segments and matches that happened that historic night. Historic in the sense that it was the only RAW to ever take place on the 4th of July.

RAW opened with Carlito’s Cabana. I remember my daughter used to imitate him, apple and all. “I spit in the faces of people who are not cool”. Of course actually spitting in peoples faces was not allowed.


Carlito’s guest was Hulk Hogan (promoting his new VH1 Reality Show). Carlito irritated Hogan by talking about Brooke. Saying stuff like, if you really want to promote your show, why not bring out your daughter, told Hogan that he was coll, but Brooke was HOT! asked if he could date her, then started saying something about how Carlito thought that Brooke was sexually active…That got cut off by Kurt Angles music. Kurt came out to cut a promo on Hogan, how his achievements outshined Hogans. When he got in the ring and was face to face with Hogan, he told him that the only person he wanted to make tap more than him, was his daughter Brooke. He got punched for that, Carlito attacked Hogan from behind and Shawn Michaels came out to make the save setting up the main event for the night.

The first match of the night was Kane & The Big Show VS Edge w/Lita & Gene Snitsky. The match ended when Big Show tossed Edge out of the ring while Kane hit the chokeslam on Snitsky and got the pinfall.

Backstage HBK told Todd Grisham that the Main Event via word from the GM Eric Bischoff was HBK & Hogan VS Angle & Carlito.

The Heart Throbs beat Viscera in Handicap Match

A funny segment backstage, the Diva Search contestants were trying to get to use the make-up mirror, but Chris Jericho was too busy making sure he looked good.

A few backstage segments:
- Maria interviewed Chavo Guererro and Chavo said he didn’t deserve his name and he was denouncing his Hispanic Heritage, he called Maria’s name stupid, then said that he was now going to be an average American named Kerwin White.

- The Hurricane, Stacey and Rosey was talking about the importance of being safe when holding Sparklers as Rosey was caught on fire, put out, and they wished America a Happy Birthday.

- Maria was pouting backstage after being called stupid, John Cena came by and consoled her, telling to show her strengths and hide her weaknesses. That left her giggling as Cena walked away.

Chris Jericho’s The Highlight Reel with special guest John Cena. They pretty much cut promo’s on each other.. the segment ended when John Cena said he remembered when Raw really was Jericho, but now Jericho was just cheap. Cena said that Jericho has taken everything he’d ever done and covered it in cheap sauce. He said it wasn’t Y2J anymore, it was Y2 cheap. Jericho then spat in Cena’s face and Cena jumped him. The two brawled around the ring. They battled around the ring until Jericho slid out and went crazy as officials dragged him out. Inside the ring Cena was flipping Jericho off with one of his inflatable “You cant see me” fingers.

Next up was Sgt. Slaughter’s Bikini Book Camp for the Diva Search competition. There was an obstacle course for the Diva’s to compete on. Best time wins. The results were…

Ashley: 48 seconds
Leila: Her top fell off and she was Disqualified
Summer: 41 Seconds
Kristal: 37 Seconds
Elizabeth: 35 Seconds
Simona: 49 Seconds
Cameron: 46 Seconds
Alexis: 54 Seconds

The next match was Val Venis VS Renee Dupree Dupree rolled Venis up in a victory roll and held the ropes for the pin fall victory.

And then the Main Event of the night… Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels VS Kurt Angle & Carlito
The match ended when Hogan hit the leg drop on Carlito and pinned him for the 1,2,3.

But RAW did not end there. Oh no no no, something historic did happen that night on July 4th, 2005. Hogan and Michaels were in the ring posing for the fans after their victory. When out of nowhere…
HBK superkicks Hogan, turning heel.

The next Monday Night Raw that was on the 4th was in 2011. It was the week after C.M. Punk’s promo when he was about to leave the WWE with the championship. If I had more time and space I would love to cover that one to have posted on the 4th but if not, I am sure you all remember those times in the WWE very well. The next time RAW will be on Independence Day again is July 4th 2016. Hope you enjoyed this look at how our country’s birthday has been celebrated over the years in the wrestling industry,see ya next time, until then…Keep it REAL!

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