Justice Finally Being Served?

ShieldShow I noticed something a week ago while watching Raw, and found myself wondering if I was the only who caught it, or if it would be leading to something bigger. Tonight I got confirmation that the “something bigger” is about to happen, and I am very happy to hear it’s on the way this Sunday. We’ve all been following The Shield, and nobody has been able to say anything but great things about the guys forming the faction. The only downside I’ve been able to see to this point is that Roman Reigns isn’t that great on the mic, but with a family member like The Rock, he’s got someone he can easily reach out to if he wants some help in that department.

Last week on Raw I noticed a certain look from one Dean Ambrose toward the US title while the ref was bringing it in the ring to Kofi after the matchup. I thought, right away, that they were planting a subtle little seed that maybe Ambrose was going to aim for some gold sooner than later. It would appear that my guess was correct, that Ambrose is going to be going after the US title this Sunday at Extreme Rules. While it’s not guaranteed he’ll get the win, I’m hoping for it to happen, maybe it could help in trying to restore some prestige to a midcard title that’s been an afterthought to the IC title in the past few years. I had read at some point that the thought was to make Reigns the singles worker, the leader of the group, it appears the wise decision has been made to push Dean Ambrose as the top member to this point.

Another thing that’s seemingly happening is that Reigns and Rollins are going to get their shot at the tag titles. While I would prefer the Freebird rule to come into play with the trio being able to defend the titles in whatever order they choose, the upside of teaming Reigns with Rollins is that you’re putting the greenest member of the team with one of the most talented in ring workers in the business today. While Seth Rollins is new to WWE television, Tyler Black has been busting ass in the business or some time now and deserves to get his break on the main stage. Reigns, being from the first family of wrestling (in my opinion), is another major benefit to the team. I can see the team of Rollins and Reigns carrying the copper…let’s face it those belts look like melted pennies…for quite some time keeping the prestige that Kane and Bryan have been trying to put into the belts while they’ve held them all this time.

One thing that might actually be coming down the road, and I certainly hope it’s not the definite situation, is that Ambrose winning the US title could be the beginning of the end of The Shield. I can easily see him getting that belt and then maybe going on a hunt to unify the US and IC titles down the road at some point on the quest for “justice” in his being the only person holding onto a midcard title. Once he’s carrying both belts at once he could easily get the big head and start looking down on his cohorts, talking about how he’s carrying them and he’s getting tired of the dead weight. If this happens, one way to carry on the faction would be to bring in someone like Kassius Ohno to take the place of Ambrose in the group, or sign up Alex Shelley to step into that role, no matter what you have options available to keep this powerful faction rolling.

I’ve become a huge fan of The Shield, they are something we haven’t seen in quite some time in the world of wrestling, a young, hungry, powerful faction with a VERY bright future ahead of all members in that group. While I thought that Extreme Rules was pretty much dead in the water when I realized that Ziggler would be kept off the card with a concussion, hearing that you could have this group carrying titles across the board by the end of that show made it back to the nearly watchable status. While I don’t know if I WILL be watching the show this weekend, there’s a chance that I might. It’s not the most impressive card from top to bottom, but Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns possibly taking home championships would make for a very interesting show. Even if O’Doyle gets the WWE title, The Shield taking gold would be a good savior for a mediocre Extreme Rules card this year. Going into this weekend, even with their first loss, I do believe in The Shield.

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