Making An Impact: Matt Morgan

Morgan Recently a massive free agent dropped on the market in the world of wrestling, a major talent who still has a massive future ahead of him in this business. Obviously I’m talking about Matt Morgan, a big man who’s full of talent and goes full speed 100% of the time, who had the backing of both Hogan and Sting in TNA Wrestling. Having the support of two legendary workers in this business is an amazing thing, the fact that they’re seen as the most powerful people (Bischoff aside) involved with TNA, and the news of Morgan’s release confused many fans. As a fan of this man going all the way back to his Tough Enough days, I met the news with one feeling, hope. I’m hopeful that WWE will get this man under contract and do the right thing by finally pushing him properly.

Very rarely will you get the standard WWE fan base to admit that TNA had a worker who is incredibly talented and deserves to be at the top of the card, but that’s what you have in Matt Morgan. I remember hearing at one time that the reason Big Show came to WWE was because Hogan told him that he needed to head up north from WCW so Vince could make him a superstar. My first thought was that maybe Morgan got this same advice from Hogan somewhere along the line. There’s a chance (ask Devon and Abyss from back in the day) that TNA may be working everyone, but everything so far seems completely legit on the release. Personally I am waiting to see if Triple H/Vince decide to make a move on Morgan now that he’s available. Christian (and Sunday RVD) has come back from working TNA and didn’t have to hit developmental, I don’t think Morgan would need to visit NXT either. I could easily see Morgan as a powerful force upon his return and remaining in the position for years to come.

What got me interested in writing this story earlier was a random thought about a possible return opportunity if WWE decided to run with the idea. A lot of people would assume that he’s going to be held back a bit if he does return to WWE because of his association with TNA recently, although I don’t think that really has to be the case. My thought, going with my article from last night, was that maybe WWE snatches Morgan up and brings him back tomorrow night at Money in the Bank. My idea would be, simple, you sneak him into the All-Star match as a last minute addition (or slipping in through the crowd would be better) and have him climb the ladder and snatch the case down. While some people may call me insane for this, I think it’s a real possibility and it would easily add controversy to the night, something we haven’t seen in quite a while. I remember the night Punk took the title and ran from the ring “without a contract” in WWE, as does everyone else, I could see putting Morgan over by taking the case and leaving the event “without a contract” making him a massive threat to strike out at the WWE Champ and steal the title at any moment.

Another idea, and it could easily play into the Money in the Bank matchup, would be having him return as a hired gun for some member of the McMahon family. The easy idea would be that you have Vince signs him, forces Maddox to put in him the match, and finds some way for him to win. Vince is clearly the “evil” member of the central soap opera/family storyline; this would give Morgan the ability to come into WWE as a monster heel, think evil Big Show with a chip on his shoulder. This would also allow Heyman to still be involved in this storyline with Morgan being a “Heyman Guy” back in the day, Vince brings him in to do his bidding only to have him completely turn on Vince and aligning with Heyman again, leading to a power struggle between the McMahons and Heyman. If Morgan takes the briefcase, and eventually the WWE title this could be the catalyst for his turn toward rejoining Heyman’s troupe. I know, these ideas seem crazy, but I never really claimed to be sane. WWE has been lacking that one monster heel in the company for quite some time, no offense to Kane or Show; this is their chance to finally put someone out there that can play a convincing Beast.

I’m willing to admit that a lot of this was thought up because of my enjoyment of Matt Morgan and his work in the business, as a fan of his I can think of nothing greater than him becoming one of the biggest names on the biggest stage in the industry. Bringing back Matt Morgan opens up many opportunities for WWE, one great one would be a matchup between Morgan and Big Show at WrestleMania to help solidify Morgan as the new big man in town. As the business goes, the workers are changing, getting smaller and thinner, in Matt Morgan you have something we rarely see in wrestling, a man with a massive body and the heart of a “little guy.” One example of that last remark would be The Undertaker, a guy who’s larger than life, but puts his heart into everything he does inside the ring, as a massive Undertaker fan I see the same qualities in Morgan and think he has the potential to be the next “Dead Man” in this business. Time will tell if I’m anywhere near right on my predictions, but above everything else I feel that Vince and Triple H need to get Matt Morgan back under the WWE umbrella. He’s been the big fish in the small pond of TNA for so long now, it’s time he becomes the Great White (apologies to Sheamus) in the giant ocean that is WWE.

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  • Daniel

    Wow… I seriously SERIOUSLY loved the Morgan stealing the Briefcase idea… that is beyond cool

  • Alan Keen

    Lets hope Creative read this and run with your idea. Great article to read.

  • Dare

    Steal the briefcase? Really? Don’t get me wrong am a huge Morgan fan but I don’t think he should be handed the title. Most WWE fans don’t even know him. He could fued and get over guys like Shemus, Ryback and Show first. Then we can talk of a World heavyweight championship run. If Morgan is signed he shouldn’t be anywhere near the WWE championship in at least a year or else we’ll get another Ryback.