Making The Case: Kofi Kingston

KofiCase A couple weeks back I penned an article stating a case for Kane to take the Money in the Bank briefcase in the “All-Star” matchup. It is pretty much certain now that Kane will not be getting that opportunity as he’s been “taken out” by the debuting Wyatt Family. While I’m a fan of this faction and look for great things from them, I am a bit peeved at the fact that they took down my selection to win the Money in the Bank matchup. There’s been speculation that WWE may be looking to replace Kane in the match with someone, rumors abound ranging from Wyatt himself taking the spot all the way to a returning Big Show stepping into Kane’s place. While the rumors have been spread I came to a possible conclusion last night on the replacement. While he doesn’t have WWE championships in his past his is decorated champion who is CLEARLY an All-Star based on his performances in every other ladder match he’s been in so far in his WWE career. Keeping with the all face theme, and falling right at the 5 week or so mark from the date of his surgery, I’m making a case tonight for Kofi Kingston to replace Kane in the Money in the Bank All-Star match.

While people would originally say that Kofi having never won a briefcase, the WWE title, or the World Heavyweight Championship should keep him out of this matchup, I don’t feel it’s THAT big of a deal. You can’t say there’s ever been a ladder match involving Kofi that you weren’t completely awed by things you saw him pull off while competing. As for the lack of top tier titles, honestly speaking Kane held the WWE title for about one day, Christian has never held it, so that shouldn’t be a requirement for being considered an “All-Star” in these type of matches. In regard to his lack of Money in the Bank successes, Orton and Sheamus have both never won the briefcase, nullifying that argument as well. There are very few people in the WWE currently who would be a better fit and more interesting to watch in a ladder match than Kofi, he’s everything Shelton Benjamin used to be and hopefully WWE will keep from allowing history to repeat itself in this case.

Kofi has been on the televised roster for WWE going on about 6 years or so now, at the age of 31 he’s about at that “now or never” level, it’s about time he’s given his shot toward the top of the card. A few years back it seemed as if we were finally going to see Kofi as a main even worker, unfortunately Randy Orton (that same overpaid guy who got Ken Anderson fired, not like Kennedy was one of the best characters on TV and had potential to push him from the top of the card or anything, but that for another day) went to management and complained that Kofi wasn’t ready and they believed him, stuffing Kofi back in the midcard for the foreseeable future. There are very few people on the roster as athletically gifted as Kofi, and honestly, who wouldn’t want to see Kofi and Daniel Bryan or Kofi and Punk facing off for the WWE title? While he may have to become a heel in order to ascend into the upper echelon, I would support it completely in order to give Kofi a chance to main event, God knows the man has earned the chance.

While Kofi may not have held the top titles in the company yet, the man has been very successful during his time in WWE, picking up titles all along the way. Kofi has held Tag Team gold on three occasions since coming to the WWE, teaming with the likes of R-Truth, Evan Bourne, and the “Best in the World” CM Punk. Kofi has also held singles gold in his career, having carried both the United States (3x) and Intercontinental (4x) while working on the main roster. That’s 10 times in 6 years he’s carried a title, meaning he’s averaging just over 1 ½ reigns of some championship each year he’s been on the roster. If the US title weren’t around there’s a good chance Kofi would have 7 reigns as Intercontinental Champion by this point, which would put him one spot behind Chris Jericho for the most ever. While never carrying the top straps, you can’t deny Kofi has been very successful and is a champion; this alone should be enough to constitute him as an “All-Star” and get him a spot on the ladder match.

Year after year Kofi is toward the top of the list in relation to workers who’ve done the most matches in a year. Last year the only people above him were Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk, that’s pretty solid company to be sticking around. He also ranked toward the top of the list when it came to wins for the year, while also having more wins than losses during the 2012 calendar year. When you think of all the things Kofi has done over the years you can’t deny he has earned the right to be called an All-Star, and wouldn’t you love to see him taking on Punk, Bryan, RVD, and Christian in a ladder match? I thought of this last night and started thinking about the more and more as the day wore on at work today, since the debuting Wyatt Family wiped out my original choice to win the All-Star match, I feel I deserve a Mulligan, although I will admit it’s almost an even longer shot than the original choice of Kane, considering there’s a chance Kofi isn’t quite ready to return just yet. It’s been right around 5-6 weeks since his surgery; he should be ready about now. I would love to see Kofi put in as a last minute surprise entrant to the match, taking the briefcase and finally stepping out of the midcard onto the top rung as WWE Champion.

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