My Thoughts On The Michael Sam Invitation


Originally I was going to write an article about why people hate wrestling, but I feel that should be on a week where Raw isn’t crap. Instead, I want to focus on a particular invitation made to Michael Sam on this past episode of Raw. He has been invited to attend Raw next week, and be given an open mic to air out any grievances he would like to say towards the NFL. Here are my thoughts on this publicity stunt.

First off, Michael Sam was a defensive end at the University of Missouri. He was awarded the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, and was drafted to the St. Louis Rams in the NFL Draft. This is significant because he would be the first openly gay player in the NFL. He was unfortunately cut from the main roster of players as the team was trimmed down, and wasn’t given a spot on the practice team either. WWE wants to capitalize off this recent event, and have the man himself speak openly about it. The thing is, WWE just wants people to watch Raw. They are looking for the media frenzy so more people will tune in, and they can have a better chance in growing the subscription buys for the WWE Network. It is a pretty good idea. This isn’t the first time wrestling has integrated pop culture to get more attention, but here is the problem. What if nothing comes out of it? What if Michael Sam doesn’t accept this invitation? If he does, who is even guaranteeing he will go on a huge rant on the Rams or the NFL? In fact, if he does accept the invitation, he will probably do the opposite. He will probably be extremely humble and thankful for the chance to be even drafted in the first place. It makes no sense for Michael Sam to rage over not being on the team, or even blaming it on his sexuality. WWE want Michael Sam to trash the NFL , but I doubt that will happen. It will blow up in their face, if they can even get the bomb close enough to them that is.

As for the fans, a good chunk have seen this as a waste of time. Some have even seen it as a slap in the face to Darren Young. He got a small bit of attention from coming out at the beginning, but since his injury it has been silent. Many fans wish that the message of tolerance that Michael Sam would preach on next week’s Raw, should be awarded to Darren Young. Like I stated before, it is highly unlikely that Michael Sam will appear on Raw, and even if he does, I highly doubt he would even be spiteful or give a roaring speech of tolerance. So here is my question with this situation. Why is a person’s sexuality such a huge deal?


I acknowledge that coming out, and being open about your sexuality takes an incredible amount of strength. I commend the people who do this, but someone’s sexuality isn’t who they are. Take Darren Young for instance. He has a lot of potential, and still has a huge career ahead at the age of 30. Yet, many feel he deserves this push now. Why? With the shrinking of the main event spots, the people who do get pushed have become very limited. So many more guys deserve the chance to showcase what they can do over Darren Young. Nothing against him, it just isn’t his time yet. Also, if you do believe it is his time, than as a fan you should cheer for him, bring signs, tweet; do what you can to make him popular. Don’t just promote him because you feel the gay agenda is being pushed. It seems pretty insulting that you turn a person relevant, only when their sexuality is on display. You are practically telling them that nothing else matters except who they sleep with. A message of tolerance is about being equal, and equality is operating under a model that no one gets special treatment based on their sexuality. You know, equal.

I don’t follow football like I do wrestling, so the Michael Sam Situation is limited on what I have to say besides it being a typical wrestling ploy attempted over and over again. As for Darren Young, he is a guy who will hopefully be given a chance to shine when he returns. if he doesn’t than we shouldn’t automatically assume it is because he is gay, or that he should be pushing the gay agenda because he is gay. These guys sexuality do not define them. If we want to see these guys in the spot we feel they deserve than it takes hard work on their part, and consistent support on ours.

Do you agree with my statements? What do you think should happen with Michael Sam and Darren Young? Let me know in the comments below. This is your Commisioner of Creative signing off, have a good day.