Money In The Bank: Stating The Case For Rob Van Dam


On July 14th, Seven WWE Superstars will compete at the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a chance to win a briefcase which is worth its weight in gold. This year’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match is arguably the most star studded it has ever been. And’s very own Zack Krasney has come up with a wonderful idea to have our very own MITB match. Over the course of the next two weeks or so, seven writers will take up the keyboard to state the case for their respective superstars. Its an interesting experience really, as I am sure some of my co-writers would agree. Even though you start writing believing that ‘X’ has the best chance of winning, when you place the last period at the end of the article, you’ve ended up convincing yourself that the person you are writing for is the best bet. And so I hope that the readers are too, when they finish reading my case for the original Mr. Money in the Bank.

rob-van-dam_originalIf there are a handful of people who have done it all in the modern era, its Robert Szatkowski. He is the only person with the distinction of having held the WWE Championship, the ECW World Championship and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Nor is he a stranger to secondary or tag titles, having a total of 22 Championships in his tenure in the three major companies he has wrestled in. He is one of the premier High-Flyers of the business, an ECW original and the winner of the second ever money in the bank ladder match. He is one of the two people to announce a match with his briefcase contract and the only one to win in that situation. And he has given us a lot of matches and moments to remember in his stellar career.

No one would disagree that he has already had a Hall of Fame career. And at 43, you would start to question how much gas is left in the tank. Especially for someone with his in-ring style, which takes a toll on the body. He has made himself into one of the bigger names in the industry, and if its true that he is starting to slow down, its time for him to start building the future. And I agree unequivocally. It is his turn to start nurturing young up and coming talent. So why does it make sense for him to win the MitB ladder match? Shouldn’t the younger people like Sheamus or Bryan win? Not really, and I’ll explain why.

y2jTo make my point, I’ll discuss another superstar who will help me in my argument. One man who rivals RVD in his accomplishments. One of the few who has more titles than Rob. One wrestler who has probably a greater claim for the HoF. An entertainer who has a greater appeal in the WWE Universe. The Superstar who created the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla, the Best in the World at What He Does, Y2J, Chris Jericho. Almost everything I have said is true for Jericho. And he has gone on to that phase in his career where he is nurturing young talent. Point in case is his matches against Fandango and his upoming match against Ryback. But ever since the match has been announced, the IWC has been unhappy with it. If Ryback loses, then it does nothing for Chris Jericho. If he wins, it does nothing for Ryback. And that is because a victory over Chris Jericho has started meaning lesser and lesser in the current day. I feel this is because he has not had a major feud for a long time. And even though the crowd loves him, winning over Jericho has lost its meaning because the way he has been booked over the last couple of years.

Will it help if Rob Van Dam comes into the company, only to start going under to youngsters? Once in a while might cut it, but sooner or later if the WWE does the same with him as they did with Chris, getting a win over Mr. Monday Night will have lost its sheen. And that is the major reason I believe he should win the match. Because for him to actually help give a huge boost to the youngsters, he needs to be built up again. And not just once. Every time he goes under, he needs to be built back up again to help set for the next time he helps elevate the next big thing. This is where I believe the WWE has currently dropped the ball with Chris Jericho.

frog spashSo even though it seems counter-intuitive, Robbie V has got to claim that briefcase. He needs to have a huge fued with someone. There are many candidates that could cut the deal. Randy Orton had his number when Van Dam left. Or Why not Chris Jericho? Why not CM Punk, Kane, Christian or even Daniel Bryan? Heck, I would even watch him going at it once again with John Cena? Not only will it make a huge rivalry for Summerslam, it will help him gain momentum. If he manages to capture the championship, it makes him the man to beat while at the same time raising the prestige of the belt. And once he is out of the title picture, then definitely have him fued with someone like Seth Rollins. Now wouldn’t that be worth a watch? Or how about a fued between him and Kofi Kingston. For any of those to be a success, it is of paramount importance that he claims the Money in the Bank briefcase, becomes champion and has a run that makes him the bulls-eye.

And finally, he is the perfect fit for the match, already having won it once. He is a high flying athlete with loads of big match experience, especially ladder matches. He will definitely have a huge spot in the match. Combined with the wrestling lovers in Philadelphia and his long awaited return, I am sure that he will draw the loudest reaction of the night. And if I had to give one reason why I want him to win, its because I can not wait to hear the roof blow off, when before taking off the briefcase he motions ‘R-V-D’.


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    DVD will win!

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