More Than Just Another Pretty Face: Madusa Miceli

Alundra_Blayze_06 When you look at pro wrestling, you look at all the different styles and genres out there, and as a wrestling fan there’s one section that is somewhat hit or miss at times. I’ve grown up on the business and I love the different styles and the different workers, but the Women’s division has had its positive moments and its negative moments. When you think of the division, you’re going to think of different names, from Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young to Trish Stratus and Lita, even AJ Lee and what COULD have been with Kaitlyn. I’m not discounting anyone, because there are great workers all around, but these are usually the first names to come to mind when you think of different eras in the business. One name that SHOULD be on the top of most lists is also someone who created a bit of controversy back in the day, and indirectly led to the Montreal Screwjob, Madusa Miceli.

Madusa was one hell of a worker back in the day, and I honestly believe she could come back and put on one hell of a match at 49 if she were ever given a chance. Madusa is another one of those workers who may never get into the Hall of Fame due to the way she left and how she treated the Women’s title on Nitro in her debut. If there’s a female worker who is deserving of this honor it is Madusa, I still remember sitting there watching her matches with Bull Nakano, Bertha Faye, and once she got to WCW Akira Hokuto, she was one of the few female workers who I could watch any match she had and enjoy it from start to finish. I heard a description of her stating that she was just like one of the guys, which is why she had so much respect in the business, nobody really looked at her as a “female wrestler” she was just a wrestler. This comment came up when Steve Austin was speaking to X-Pac recently and he mentioned a story where The Kliq ribbed Sunny and eventually Sable with a hidden turd in their dinner tray. Apparently, this had been done to Madusa at one point as well and unlike the others, she just shrugged it off and acted as if nothing happened.

Eventually Madusa left wrestling altogether because she felt the business was shifting from actual wrestling by the women and concentrating more on the “Bra and Panty” matches. While these matches had their place during a short period, it eventually fizzled out, unfortunately it was a bit too late and one of the best female wrestlers ever to enter a ring had already walked out the door. After leaving the business Madusa went into driving Monster Trucks, a bit of an unusual field for a female on the surface, but she adjusted well and once again became a force in a male dominated profession. Women always talk about how they want equality, but this is a woman who actually went out busted her ass in a field in which women aren’t traditionally know to excel, and did it twice over. The respect this woman has earned over the years, even in spite of her having literally trashed the WWF Women’s Title on WCW Nitro, is massive and I’m sure if you asked any of the older generation about female wrestlers they would put Madusa over in a heartbeat. There are so many different matches I would have loved to see with this woman, although I’m not sure we’ll get to see all of them, it would be nice to see at least one last match from her on WWE television, possibly at WrestleMania, or even getting to enter the Royal Rumble sometime down the road.

With all the options that are out there it wouldn’t be out of the question to see a dream match with Madusa at WrestleMania in the next couple years, the only I see holding it back would be Vince’s pride and a refusal to bury the hatchet. I would love to see Madusa versus Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, a more serious Natty Neidhart, or even AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, or Kharma if she returned. I could see someone mentioned above entering the Royal Rumble and maybe actually eliminating a Heath Slater or Santino, before Madusa makes her entrance and the two square off and eventually eliminate each other, leading to a feud built up until WrestleMania. With all the options out there, I would actually prefer the match be against Kharma, it would be a bit of a throwback to her Bull Nakano matches. I could see Kharma returning at the Royal Rumble as a “mystery entrant” and actually squaring off with a couple of the lower card males and taking them out, leaving the ring empty. Madusa’s music would play and out she would come to go one on one with this monstrous woman, they would battle back and forth for the couple minutes they’re given until somehow they wind up going over the ropes together before the next person enters the match. This would be the build of a story with Kharma going on to take the Divas title and Madusa demanding a one on one match with Kharma at WrestleMania, even offering to place HER Women’s Title on the line against the Diva’s title in a winner takes all matchup. Finally, a women’s match at WrestleMania that does more than just give people a chance to head to the toilet.

There have been women in wrestling, and then you have someone like Madusa who is a wrestler who happens to be female. There is a world of difference here, and I feel that many of the current crop of female wrestlers could learn a thing or three from going back and watching her body of work. Hell, for that matter there are males who could benefit from watching Madusa in the ring, and they sure as hell could learn a lot from how she was in the locker room, pure professional. I hope that someday in the very near future there’s a meeting between Madusa and the McMahons and something is worked out, even if it doesn’t include her returning to the ring, at least put her in the Hall of Fame. There are so many people in the Hall who may not really deserve the honor, then you have people like Elizabeth and Madusa who should have been there a LONG time ago that are left on the outside. You can’t say she doesn’t have the championships, the respect of the workers, the fan following, or the work ethic to deserve a spot, the only thing in the way is a contentious relationship with the management of WWE. In this business of “never say never,” you have to believe that someday, sometime we’ll finally get the chance to see this amazing talent join so many others in the WWE Hall of Fame. If a deal is done to create that elusive physical Hall, Madusa Miceli may deserve her own wing.

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