My Thoughts On The Divas Divison

When most WWE fans think of the Divas division, two things spring to mind. The first being that people use the matches to go for a toilet break or refreshments. The second being just as negative in that people just don’t find the matches worth watching because the girls just can’t wrestle. There are both positives and negatives to WWE focusing time on the Divas. Whilst the majority may only be there for their looks, there are a breed of Divas who can wrestle and at least make things more bearable. I am going to give my opinions on what makes the Divas division appealing, and what perhaps makes it a turn off for some fans.

Total Divas

I don’t think it would be unfair for me to say that Total Divas has given the Women’s division of WWE some of the missing attention it has been craving for a long time now. What that program has done for WWE as a whole has been nothing short of a positive. For the first time we really do get to see what things backstage at a WWE show are like, as well as the demands, stress and pressure on the lives of the WWE talent. The show focuses primarily on the Divas of course, and the ratings have been a huge success, which to me indicates there is some interest in the Divas from fans, although I am sure there are many who are not willing to admit that. The show has perhaps not always painted a positive pictures of some of the Divas (Ariane really does come across as annoying and I feel Nikki Bella most of all comes across in a very negative light at times) but it has really made them a focus now in WWE.

However, despite the focus there are some things that really do not help remove the negative feeling from fans. The simple truth is the majority of the Divas in WWE right now simply cannot wrestle. Out of all the females in the locker room I would Say Natalya, AJ Lee, Tamina, Layla and maybe Kaitlyn and Naomi can all put on a good match. The rest simply cannot wrestle to save their lives. I’m going to pull out an example here of Eva Marie. She is there for her looks that is for sure because she cannot wrestle her way out of a paper bag full of holes. Whoever decided that they should put her on live TV and wrestle a match should be fired on the spot. Her match on Raw a few weeks back was just dreadful when she teamed with the Bella’s against AJ, Tamina and Aksana. If WWE are going to put these girls in the spotlight and allow them to wrestle they at least need to show they are up to scratch, otherwise fans are simply going to turn off.

Divas Championship

Now I am going to stick up for Eva Marie, and the other Divas on the roster for that matter, because I personally don’t think the Divas get enough TV time for them to improve and get any better in the ring. If you are going to put a product out there, aimed mostly at your male audience, then quite honestly you need to make sure they can not only look hot but have a good standard of wrestling match. That is one thing I will say TNA used to get right over WWE with their Knock outs division – They had women who knew how to wrestle. When we are being forced to watch women who can’t even manage to execute a basic schoolboy roll up pin then clearly there is a reason people are walking out of the arena or going to the bathroom. And re-hashing match from the Pay Per View the previous night is not really the way to do that. People want to see something different, not the same match they shelled out money to watch like we saw this week on Raw, with a match having the same outcome in the end bar the different survivors.

The none thing that I will say is that since AJ Lee has held the Divas Championship the matches she has been having have been worth watching for her alone. AJ is a unique and intriguing character and she really knows her way around the ring. When I first saw her in NXT I didn’t think she was going to be any good in the ring. Boy was I proved wrong. She had a great series of matches recently with Kaitlyn that have been some of the best matches I have seen from the Divas in a long time. AJ is unique as a character and has breathed some life into an otherwise very stale division. The only thing that concerns me is where they take the character in the long run with the title. AJ has now been Divas Champion since June 2013 after winning the title at Payback by defeating Kaitlyn. How much longer can she hold the title and WWE keep the storyline fresh? Adding Tamina to the mix was a good move but where do they go from here? I see AJ dropping the title in the next month or two in all honesty, but until then WWE needs to make sure they manage the character right while she continues to put on a high standard of match.

Trish Stratus

The Divas division has really never been WWE’s priority, and I somehow doubt it ever will be. Lets face it, it’s not really the reason that we tune in as fans. The Divas division has had some good times though. The best of those times involved Trish Stratus and Lita. Their main event Raw match was amazing and really boosted the popularity of an otherwise poor division at the time back in December 2004. Over the years it’s fair to say the majority of the Divas have been less than impressive though, and it makes you wonder why WWE ever used a lot of them other than for their looks. Names like Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly holly, AJ Lee, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Kharma, and Natalya have all given hope and some dignity to a division that may as well have been written off without their efforts. There will always be one or two decent female wrestlers on the roster and that will hopefully help the Divas. As a division, if WWE wants it to be taken seriously then they really need to make sure the girls get the proper training to put on a good quality match, and more importantly they need to make sure the girls are given the time to prove everybody wrong and show the the Divas division can be just as exciting as the men’s.

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  • Mick Shaw

    How about promoting Emma, Paige and Irish Wrestler Rebecca Knox to the divas roster and maybe bring back Mickie James. All 4 of these ladies can wrestle

    • Mike

      Totally agree with bringing Paige up from NXT. She can be the next biggest female wrestler. I am a massive Paige fan and think she can do for the current WWE Divas division what Trish Stratus and Lita did in the 2000s

      • Jamie Welton

        100% agree Mike, when Paige comes up I think she will be something else and will put on some great matches. Hopefully 2014 will be her year for the call up

  • Jamie Welton

    Totally agree with you Mick, I didn’t mention any of those ladies but they are all future stars. Micky James could still be a useful star to the roster and would only bring further credibility to a division in need of some new life

  • Zack Krasney

    Let's be honest if they didn't do anything with Gail Kim they aren't going to do anything for any other diva. I have lost all hope, even though I do LOVE AJ Lee, she is a beacon of hope.

    • Jamie Welton

      AJ is just about the only really good thing they have going right now for sure Zack. I’m not holding my breath that WWE will actually change or do anything. Gail Kim is another name I didn’t mention (To be honest I kind of forgot) but her last run was just god awful, not on her part, more to do with the silly booking. A great shame as she was brilliant in the ring