We Need Santino Marella


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.” Sometimes I feel like we don’t fully understand what we’re asking for. As a fan of wrestling just like you, I want to see the guys that I like, get prominent time on TV. I also want to see them get a push to challenge for the championship and possibly win it. While you may agree with my point of view on a certain wrestler, someone else will not. They’ll want to see someone else get the push and TV time. The fact is, in any situation, not everyone is going to be happy with everything, all the time. We as fans ask for a lot from the company we watch, and I believe it’s mostly because we care so much about the product. Something I feel like we all want as a group is great wrestling on a consistent basis. My question is… do we really want that?

I’ve been watching wrestling for years, so before anyone starts to think that I’m supporting some of the antics that WWE likes to broadcast, hear me out. Plenty of people out there complain about wanting the “Attitude Era” back and this, that and the other. We complain about Khali and Santino getting air time over other Superstars. I feel like sometimes we fail to remember some of the ridiculous stunts that were pulled during the era so many speak so highly of. Does anyone recall the Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man feud where Al Snow ended up “eating” his pet dog Pepper? How about Mark Henry’s love affair with Mae Young? Which led to her giving birth to a hand? These moments were in the same era with the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock and The Undertaker. This is why I have to laugh when it comes to the complaints about the comic relief that we see today. It happened then, it happens now and it will continue to happen in the future. Do you know why? We need it.


I remember watching just recently, the culmination of the feud between The Shield and The Wyatt Family. That was a great moment that the WWE played out perfectly. The crowd was chanting “This Is Awesome” before both teams were even in the ring. My question is this; would we have had the same feeling of goose bumps before the match if great wrestling and moments like that were commonplace? I honestly don’t think we would. It’s human nature to take what’s consistent for granted. Think about all the things in your life that are common occurrences, but if they stopped, you’d surely notice. Think about all those people that drive you nuts at work but when they take a long vacation, you start to miss them. It’s the idea of “you wouldn’t appreciate the sun if weren’t for rain.” This story had significance because there are plenty of stories that don’t, to fill the space.

If it weren’t for having to suffer through spots with Santino Marella, I probably wouldn’t appreciate Dolph Ziggler as much. If I see that one of my favorite performers is coming up after a horrible segment, it makes me tune in longer to see that Superstar. I honestly believe Vince gets this. I think we give the WWE as a whole, a lot of crap for what it puts out there. There’s always something to scrutinize, but in the end there are millions of people still watching every week. There are still tickets being sold, T Shirts being purchased and the most important thing of all, emotional investment. If I hate a certain segment, then the next segment which features one of my favorite performers is ten times better. If Dolph had the task of following Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan for example, I wouldn’t feel as impressed. The order in which the show is put together is similar to how an artist structures a concert. Do Raw and Smackdown flow better some weeks than others? Definitely. I’m not saying they are perfect by any means, but we have to remember the intention of the show and the company as a whole. They want to entertain as wide an audience as they can. You can’t do that with great wrestling throughout the entire show. That only appeals to one type of fan. You need the comedy segments for the fan who is not so serious, and the kids as well.

At the end of the day, we’re never going to get everything we want. WWE is never going to be great technical wrestling 24/7. So I feel like wishing it would be, is only going to set yourself up to be angry and bitter. I hope that we can come to terms that, the WWE is what it is, and if you don’t want to see the segments that you deem unworthy, then you will change the channel until your Superstar comes on. I say this in hopes to help rather than to insult. Enjoy as much as you can because if it ever goes away, you’d better believe you’d be asking to have it all back.