New Gimmick Match Concepts

With Extreme Rules coming up this Sunday, many people are getting excited to see some of their favorite gimmick matches take place, such as Last Man Standing, Strap, and Tornado Tag matches. Although there are countless types of gimmick matches that the WWE has done over the years, there are still some that they could add to their list and give the fans something besides the “usual suspects”. Here are some matches that the WWE could try out using items that are already available to them around ringside.

Stairs Matchsteel steps

The steel steps have always been used as a weapon in the WWE, whether in the midst of a Street Fight or a post-match attack. Stars have thrown their opponents into them, bashed them in the head, or used them to give their finishing move more of an impact. With a match built around this specific weapon, we could see stars find even more ways to use the steel steps to their advantage. This type of match would be best reserved for some of the bigger stars in WWE, such as Ryback, Mark Henry, and Sheamus. While stars who are smaller in stature have shown they can use the steps to their advantage, this match would require wielding the steps much like one would use a chair, which requires a lot of strength and endurance.

Top of the Turnbuckle Matchtoprope08_528_poster

Many superstars in the WWE today have a signature or finishing move that comes from the top turnbuckle, including Kane’s flying clothesline, John Cena’s leg drop, and Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash. The idea behind this match would be that in order to win, you must perform a move from each of the four top turnbuckles. These moves could vary from high flying attacks to just a simple superplex. Unlike a strap match, however, they would not have to do the moves consecutively, but rather, keep a tally of which corners have been used. While most superstars do have some type of move involving the top turnbuckle, the cruiserweights in the company would be the best ones to put on this match. Their agility would allow for quick reversals and unique attacks in a fast paced environment.

Entrance Ramp Matchentrance ramp

Much like the steel steps, the entrance ramp has often been used as a mean of attacking an opponent. Whether they are throwing their opponent off the stage or putting them right through the ramp, it was always been a huge difference maker by the end of the attack. This match would work out best if the stipulation is to put your opponent through some part of the entrance set up, as there is nothing kept on the floor below the ramp anymore to break somebody’s fall. This is a match that anyone in the locker room could participate in and pull off. The cruiserweights would have another opportunity for unique offense and defensive moves while the heavyweights could use their brute strength to really sell hard attacks on the steel ramp.

Announcer’s Table Matchryback-table

Of all the weapons available at ringside for superstars to use, none has been used better than the announcer’s table. Stars such as C.M. Punk and Shawn Michaels have used their high flying abilities to take down their opponents with the table while The Shield has used it recently to make their Triple Powerbomb even more effective. Not only does the announce table make moves look more painful, but it also garners a huge pop from the audience. People love seeing the announce table used and at times are even expecting it. When I went to the No Way Out pay per view last year, before the main event, the guys sitting behind me screamed out, “Why is the announce table still intact?!”. By the end of the match, John Cena had used the Atitude Adjustment to put John Laurenitis through the Spanish announce table. With the fans showing so much interest in the use of the announcer’s table, this would be an easy match to sell and one that any superstar could carry.

What other new gimmick matches would you like to see? Share below!


  1. Numero Uno says

    I call it "Your the better man." It's like I Quit. But you have to tell your opponet there the better man and you have to raise there hand at the end.

  2. raderman503 says

    They should have a match in which there are 4-8 stars in a Hell in a Cell but Its an elimination match where the final two compete in a ladder match in the cell for whatever is onl.

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