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As many of you heard there have been 10 releases from WWE and counting today.  That is resulting in 9 Male Talent, 1 Diva, and 1 Referee.  They were Teddy Long, Brodus Clay, Camacho, Yoshi Tatsu, and Evan Bourne for the first part.  Then shortly later they announced Aksana, Curt Hawkins, ‘The Hindered’ Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, JTG and Referee Marc Harris.  There were some interesting choices and there were some writing on the wall decisions.  I am really only surprised by two names on the list.  Those seem to be what most people are shocked by and they are Drew and Jinder.  This is most likely just WWE cleaning up their roster post Wrestlemania.  I hope they’re just making room for more talented wrestlers to join the company and see what they can prove.


Now I’m sure many of you are yelling “but Gesus WWE said they weren’t going to fire anyone.  They were just letting their contracts end with no chance to renew them.”  I know, I was caught up in that thinking too.  Just take a step back and breath.  Let’s process what just happened shall we?  I’m throwing darts in the dark with this assumption but that’s okay I’m unpaid to speculate.  I’m hoping this has to do with recent events internally with the company.  From plummeting stocks to internal balancing act between lessening of power with Vince to the gaining more with HHH.  I feel this has HHH all over it.  I hope at least that’s true.  What have some of these wrestlers done in the last year? What have they done in the last two years?  With the exception of the highly entertaining 3MB. I know Yoshi, Camacho, and Brodus have all had forgettable matches down in NXT.  I just looked and Brodus had a few matches on the main roster back in the end of 2013.  The fact I forgot is evident enough for his release.  They definitely haven’t done anything worth saving their career financially.  Many of these men have had chances to prove themselves.


You can argue they didn’t but I’d have to fall on the side of you’re wrong.  While WWE creative has seemingly had their head up their butt’s for a while now, it’s no excuse these men haven’t shined in the spots they were given.  Everyone is given a crap gimmick at first but they have to shine.  Ringmaster is my case and point.  Stone Cold said something on this podcast to the tune of “you sometimes need to push back and say no.  I’m not going to do that.”  While I feel talent today have the ability today to say no (because everyone has the ability to say no), they are afraid to.  The issue of lack of competition is well documented and I can go on for ever about.  They need to know the stroke they have in the company and a vision for their character.  They need to say no, I’m going to do it this way and get to the goal not your way then use their talent to get there.  If they don’t have that talent then they deserve to be on the future endeavored list.  Then the question becomes where now?

People are jumping up worse than Salmon proclaiming they can go to TNA or GFW to see what they can do.  That’s good and all but one can argue TNA is a sinking ship.  I know we have said that for years.  I am subscribed to Richard’s logic on this one.  When a stock holder in TNA who has 29% interest in the company (that being Jeff Jarrett) goes out and forms a rival company known as GFW it clearly means the writing is on the wall.  Now, there can be many reasons for that.  Does Jeff think TNA will be less profitable than GFW?  Does he want control of the company again?  No one knows but the people involved so I am going to write under the assumption he knows something we don’t.  What does it mean when a significant stock holder and founder of the company backs out?  It could possibly mean more financial burden for TNA to manage.  The question is can the company support an even bigger deficit?   We will see.  One thing is for sure TNA wouldn’t exactly be up for fronting all that money to Jeff then acquire more talent even if they’re hot.  TNA has it’s own problems with deadbeat wrestlers dragging down the product for them to acquire more wrestlers to add to the bloat.


Then there is GFW.  A company that hasn’t even had one show yet.  Just a smile, wink, and a promise.  We have heard that before.  I’m looking at you WWP.  You were going to be the saving grace of the current wrestling product.  GFW is looking to have the same fate.  While there is a capable mind behind the project we still don’t really know much about it.  I have discussed before about how I don’t feel the names already contacted don’t really have the ability, longevity, or the worth to rebuild a company.  I don’t think any of the names released have the potential to deal with the weight of a company on their shoulders either.  Short of Drew.  Does really jumping ship help these guys at all though? I mean what will it really do at this point?

Which brings me to this issue.  I almost want to write down everyone that says “They’re going to TNA or GFW.  I can’t wait to see them.  A new character, a new perspective, a new beginning for them to start their career. Then fast forward 90 day’s some of them show up in TNA despite the odds and bam immediately everyone will be snarky making “Hey look at the WWE rejects” jokes.  As if going to start a new career and providing a living is a bad thing.  I for one look forward to seeing what body of work they can put together over there.  Who knows despite everything working against them in either company maybe they can put together a storied career and help elevate a company to be the rival.  One thing is for sure there has been room opened up on the roster in WWE.


Room that makes me optimistic.  With the launch of the WWE network and the increasing need for content and possibly even more shows, that could mean they need more wrestlers.  I know NXT is coming into it’s own and as your resident NXT Live Results writer I for one am excited to see NXT develop.  WWE has also talked in past about the desire for a cruiser weight television show for the network.  Whether that’s the case or not I’m excited about them getting rid of some of the bloat on the roster too.  I would love to see some of the more talented independent wrestlers get on board.  I know for a fact two wrestlers here have received a try out.  One of which I feel with enough guidance could be something.  He is a little on the small side but he has an interesting look and exciting style.  With the departure of Aksana maybe a highly talented female wrestler and Rosebud Melanie Cruise will get a shot.  She was just on the June 10th taping for Smackdown as apart of Adam Rose’s party.  Maybe I can see something develop with her and get a contract.  One of the best females I’ve seen in a while inside that squared circle.  I know there is talent around the country but for obvious reason’s I’d love to see people from my area develop into something.  What talent would you like to see from around your area?  Do you feel anyone is good enough to fill the roster gap?


I know there has been a lot of Lemons out there with the news of the releases.  My only question is why? Most of them were on borrowed time. What did you possibly find entertaining about them to the point you’re butt hurt about their release?  My only argument was they released all those people before JTG.  That argument was nullified by the fact JTG was later let go.  I am happy it happened too.  His lack of release was inexcusable.  I know he has been the butt of all jokes on the internet.  The thing we need to look at now is the future.  Where do they land?  Will we all be embracing of them transitioning to a different company?  There are a few companies out there I don’t believe are legitimate wrestling companies.  Some of them being the likes of JCP and CZW.  That’s a topic for a different day.  I would love to see these men possibly go over to NJPW, ROH, or heck even TNA and see what they can learn, put together and grow.  For anyone who says they’re a wrestling fan and doesn’t want to see a legitimate company grow and create more opportunities out there for men and women trying to entertain us with their trade then you need to stop watching right now.  They will take your money but the fans don’t want your company.


  • Chris

    One thing that just popped in my head about the whole Jarrett/GFW/TNA thing, what if Jarrett knows they’re going down and that they’ll be cheap. GFW may or may not be a major upstart, but there’s a chance it’s a smoke and mirrors deal until he and Toby Keith can buy TNA on the cheap when it finally dies. Sort of learn from McMahon, get it while you can get it at a bargain. It also could keep his families company out of the hands of Vince.