Nine Years Since Ray Traylor Passed Away

It was nine years ago today, that we lost one of the best WWF superstars never to be a World Champion. Ray Traylor, better known to fans as The Big Boss Man, died of a Heart Attack at the age of 41.


Big Boss Man Turns Face

RIP Ray Traylor

  • robert delgado

    I miss the Big Boss Man, liked him bad or good and thats rare. 9 years ago, seems like he was here yesterday.

  • MegaPowers Handshake

    The Bossman was great. A solid worker who, for a big man, sure made you forget he had limitations. Serving Hard Time was a classic entrance as well. I always appreciated his revamp into more of an enforcer than a lawman and his work with the Corporation/feud with Big Show. Who can forget the way he would call Show a "Nasty Bastard" and taunt him about his "dead-daddy". A king when it came to secondary story lines and a master at being inserted in main story lines without appearing to be a "weak link". Simply put, for a man who was not often relevant in main events, he had an uncanny ability to make himself stay relevant on a show and as a character. One of my all time favorites.