No Finish As The Finish

I almost don’t want to write this because I assume that a lot of people are going to be writing about this in the very near future, but I just feel this is something I have to speak on. As someone who did not actually pay for BattleGround I still felt cheated, so I can only imagine how the people who forked out a full $60 feel today. Just to validate that claim, I do buy WWE PPV’s gladly on DVD if it was a good show, don’t want you thinking I’m a total bum. But back to the main problem, the main event to what was a fairly lackluster show had no ending, at all. I was sitting there waiting for something to happen and it just faded to black. I almost went to the show live and right up until that point I was thinking I should have gone, but my lord am I glad I did not. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton had a great match at Night of Champions, they had a pretty good rematch at BattleGround, but the finish left a bad taste in my mouth.


In a time when WWE’s main star in hurt, and a stiffer competition is on television, how could that possibly have been looked at as a good decision? I understand what they were trying to accomplish; furthering the Bryan/Orton feud, while keeping the belt off both of them and having neither man beaten. As a B level show I would have understood if there was a screwy finish to the match, because I do want to see them in the Hell in a Cell in 3 weeks and it would have been demoralizing to both guys had they been pinned last night. My problem is not that we didn’t get a clean decision last night, but problem was that there was no finish, there was no decision. All it would have taken was the original referee getting up, ringing the bell to declare a double DQ, then have Orton and Bryan continuing to fight. What if Big Show didn’t come out at all and we just saw Orton and Bryan tearing into each other on the outside for a double countout?


Or, we could have had Big Show come out, followed by the locker room and end the whole thing with one big chaotic brawl. I’m not saying these decisions would have been the best, but it would have been a hell of a lot more entertaining and logical than what we got last night. My biggest problem with the whole thing is that the bell never rang, we never heard a decision. Not that the Big Show ending wasn’t totally boring, but just a ref making a decision could have at least made the debacle logical. Let’s remember that the WWE is still trying to present this as a sporting event, sports entertainment, but sport nonetheless. It makes no sense with the catacomb of referees we know are backstage, and the authority figure of Raw standing on the stage, that nobody was able to make the call, to tell the audience what in the hell we just saw.


Now I don’t want this to turn into a BattleGround review, but there are a few points I have to say, there were good matches on this card, but nothing really that belonged on Pay Per View. The World Title match was solid, the Caesaro swing on Khali was great to see, the divas match was surprisingly solid, with both ladies really capitalizing on their time. The Rhodes Family got a feel good moment and CM Punk FINALLY got a win on PPV, but really this whole show was an example that perhaps 12 PPV’s a year is too much for today’s environment. One thing that really irked me about the show was the blackout, not that it happened, but how it was handled after they came back on the air. The only thing they really said to explain it was King remarking that it probably had something to do with Paul Heyman. Why was this not presented as another attempt by the corporation to keep the title off Bryan?


Now I’m not behind the scenes in WWE and lord knows there a reason the people in that position are paid the money they are, but this does not look good. It appears to be a lack of effort, a lack of caring in the storytelling, which tells me the writing team is probably exhausted. The WWE pumps out an incredible amount of content on a constant basis and you have to respect them for that. But if the result is illogical, unsatisfying endings, honestly I could do without the the excess amount of television in order to make the content more exciting. I feel bad even insulting WWE programming because they are much more talented than myself, that’s why they’re on television, but the BattleGround main event was a complete let down. What really gets me about it is that the focus at the end of it was Big Show, but Big Show is not the main event, he’s a piece of the corporation storyline, but not the center piece. With a double DQ finish and Bryan and Orton brawling intensely, at least it would make sense why they need to be locked up in the cell. That should have been the focus, why Bryan and Orton needed to fight each other in the cell, but those two became an after thought.

  • jean

    It was a poor experience to deliver the inaugural Battleground PPV. In 12 months time, nobody will really give a crap about Battleground, it's just a name for another run of the mill monthly wwe ppv. It doesn't evoke anything special, unique or original. Atleast other well established ppv's can sell based on their name alone and what they can deliver to the fans.

  • Chelsea Minicab

    Great wrestler, I love to watch him