NXT Live: Take Two

Breeze Tonight was my second time hitting up an NXT live event, and once again it impressed. My wife and I took in the show again; she’s becoming more interested by the day. We got in early, before the show began they had a meet and greet with some of their stars. While we didn’t go over for the meet and greet, we did enjoy the reactions of the people who did meet the workers. The table was staffed by Mojo Rawley, Paige, and Sami Zayn and a majority of the crowd lined up to get autographs and pictures with the Superstars. One moment during the meet and greet stuck out more than any other, that would be Mojo taking one fan off to the side, introducing her to the crowd and then dancing with her to the pre-show music. The man is flat out the most charismatic worker I’ve seen in quite some time.

My wife has never been the biggest wrestling fan; she’s pretty much suffered through it in order to appease me while it’s on television. We took in our first NXT show in Lakeland a few weeks ago and she left saying how much she enjoyed it, as well as how much she would enjoy seeing it again. When I saw that there was a show coming to my hometown, I had to get into the show. The wife is already a big Mojo fan, due to the incredible personality he brings to the table. I’ve also found myself becoming a big fan of the ultra self-absorbed Tyler Breeze. The easiest way to describe him is the arrogant offspring of Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison. The character is outstanding and VERY over with the crowd. I do find myself telling my wife little things throughout the show, trying to teach her about the business as we go along, but she’s starting to pick up on the basics. The NXT shows are great for people who are just starting to learn things, you don’t get too terribly in depth with the house show, but you still get the spectacular ring work that will keep you interested in the matches.

The opening bout of the night was a six man tag featuring Sawyer Fulton, Baron Corbin, and Travis Tyler versus the incredible talents of Kassius Ohno, Sami Zayn, and Leo Kruger. The heel team had talent, great chemistry, and did a good job getting on the crowd. The face team was solid, Ohno and Zayn were flat out impressive, as one would expect. Kruger was his crazy self, toying with Sawyer Fulton on a potential test of strength, getting the entire crowd hyped up as well with his bark. I let the wife know that the Zayn and Ohno as possibly two of the best workers in the business, much less on the NXT roster, she learned pretty quickly that this was flat out the truth. The wife has already asked when they’re coming back to town again; I believe I’ve got a full blown addict on my hands now. For the price, you’re not going to get a better source of entertainment, it’s a great time for the whole family, and I plan on taking my child sometime in the future as well. You can never get someone started too young with this business; hopefully she’ll learn to love it as much as I have over the years.

There was a spectacular Divas tag match featuring Paige and Sasha Banks versus Emma and Charlotte, the daughter of Ric Flair. While the Divas have been getting better on the main roster, the women working in NXT seem to be more impressive. I’ve actually had my interest kept by the females working the ring in the ranks of NXT, something that WWE hasn’t been able to do on a consistent basis for quite some time with their Divas. Another match saw Mason Ryan take on Colin Cassady, a battle of two big men, as well as a match that didn’t disappoint. Cassady is a giant of a man, at nearly 7 feet tall, he cuts quite the imposing presence. It’s not too often you see someone make a man as massive as Mason Ryan look average, but he did in this match. This time around I didn’t get taken out of the match by any leap frog action; I actually kept my eyes on the ring the entire time and even enjoyed the dirty finish.

If you ever have a chance to check out an NXT live event, it’s highly suggested you take up that opportunity. As I stated last time, I’m a supporter for good, tonight did nothing to sway me from that stance. The talent is impressive, whether it is the Divas, the veterans, the new comers, or even Snidely Whiplash himself, they do not disappoint for a single moment. I’m becoming a massive fan of the new generation every day; one of the most impressive has been the man teaming with CJ parker, Jason Jordan. The man was impressive during the Lakeland event; tonight he wowed the crowd again, pulling off the victory with an “Olympic Slam.” Any “smart mark” knows the likes of Kassius Ohno, Adrian Neville, and Sami Zayn; unfortunately some of them seem obsessed with using their “original name” instead of the names WWE is using. This does NOT make you look more impressive as a fan, you’re here to see the NEW version of the worker, accept them in the new role or be quiet. Luckily those people can’t ruin an amazing event. Much respect to the men and women who poured their hearts out in that ring, I can’t wait to see them next time they’re in town. One of these days we’ll make the trip to a TV taping. Until then, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the next live event in our area.

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  • Charlie

    I like when the crowd chants OLE! for Sami Zayn, and then Brad Maddox plays it off saying, "The crowd is confused, Zayn is from Canada, not Spain…"

    • Chris

      That’s one thing, but to chant “let’s go Hero” or “let’s go PAC” is a bit douchish. I get it, they had gimmicks before coming to WWE, but they’re in a new role now. If you run into Tom Hanks, do you call him Joe (as in vs. the Volcano) because that was one of his original roles? Of course not, we should afford these men and women the same respect. Thanks for reading and responding.

  • wolfenator87

    WWE fans have very long memories and they are a hard bunch to give up reminding a worker about a past gimmick or name they once went under.
    I'm in australia , which is a long way away from Florida, but I never miss out on watching NXT each week online via streaming video. I just wish they made the program longer, say 1.5 – 2 hours, instead of 50 minutes. Haven't seen much of Kassius Ohno on TV lately which is a bit dissapointing as he is one of the most underrated developmental workers and my fav in NXT and has matured for a push into WWE. The Divas division is improving in NXT and the quality of talent but I feel the women receive far too much air time; I don't watch wrestling for the female stars.

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