NXT Results (10/10/13) – RVD Comes To Town


An RVD video package airs. Tonight, Rob Van Dam comes to NXT.

Leo Kruger makes his way to the ring to start us off. Antonio Cesaro follows.

Leo Kruger vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro goes right after Kruger by stripping off his shirt. Kruger comes back with strikes across the chest, dumps Cesaro off outside the ring. They take turns beating each other up before getting back in the ring. Cesaro sends a knee into Leo, stomps on him in the corner. Cesaro kicks Kruger across the back. Kruger counters with a snap suplex. They trade more punches, Kruger dominates with kicks. Leg sweep on Cesaro, cover. Big uppercut from Cesaro, two. Another cover, two. Cesaro slams Kruger, two. Elbow drop, Kruger counters Cesaro up top. Kruger gets in a suplex, both men down.


Kruger knocks Cesaro off of the apron, Kruger dives onto Cesaro. Kruger plants Cesaro with a spinebuster. Cesaro rolls out of the ring, throws Kruger into the steps. Cesaro drops Kruger on his back on the apron. Kruger is tossed back out, hit with a gutwrench on the ramp. Cesaro connects with a bunch of uppercuts, two. Kruger counters the Neutralizer by throwing Cesaro over his shoulders. Kruger is hit with another big uppercut, nearfall. Cesaro has a bear hold/chinlock applied on the mat. Cesaro clotheslines Kruger, Neutralizer connects for the three.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro – by pinfall (13:26)

Cesaro hits Kruger with a big knee drop before leaving the ring.

After the commercial, Charlotte is in the ring.

Charlotte vs. Santana Garrett 

Santana takes Charlotte down, Charlotte works the arm. Santana flips Charlotte over, cover. Leg sweep by Santana, Summer and Sasha come down to ringside. Santana Garrett has Charlotte wrapped up in her legs, cover. Drop kick and roll up by Charlotte. Charlotte flattens Santana, finisher connects for the win.

Winner: Charlotte – by pinfall (3:05)

Summer Rae gets in the ring and cuts a promo. She wants to make sure we know who the queen of NXT is. Paige gets in the ring, but is beat up on until Emma makes the save.

Tony Dawson interviews Summer and Sasha backstage. Summer says that she is challenging Emma and Paige to a tag team match next week.

Danny Burch enters. Mojo Rawley makes his way to the ring for his debut match.


Danny Burch vs. Mojo Rawley

Lock up, Mojo counters Burch’s moves. Burch gets Rawley down, cover. Headlock applied on Mojo. Another cover, kickout. Shoulder blocks, splash in the corner from Mojo keep Burch down. Rawley hits a big butt-buster finisher for the win.

Winner: Mojo Rawley – by pinfall (2:25)

Dawson asks Emma and Paige is they accept the challenge. Emma says yes, and they argue a little bit.

Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev make their way to the ring. Enzo Amore talks before getting to the ring.

Scott Dawson and Rusev vs. Amore and Cassady

Cass and Rusev lock up. Big punch from Cass, elbow from Rusev. Amore tagged in, destroyed on the ropes by Rusev. Dawson covers, kickout. Slam, cover. Dawson hits a suplex and clothesline, pin. Dawson back drops Amore, Cass breaks it. Rusev tagged back in. Rusev rams his bottom into Amore, submission locked in for Enzo to tap.

Winners: Rusev and Dawson – by submission (2:48)

Rusev locks in the submission on Cassady afterwards. LeFort raises Dawson and Rusev’s arms.

Renee Young interviews Zayn. Sami says he’s doing great, he’s the #1 contender to the NXT title. Next week, it will be– Bo Dallas interrupts and says what Zayn did last week was hurtful. Bo suggests they could team up and go after the tag titles. Zayn sarcastically agrees, and then says that it will happen after he beats Bo Dallas for the NXT Championship.

Aiden English sings as he makes his way to the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Rob Van Dam!

Aiden English vs. Rob Van Dam

Lock up, headlock on English. RVD with a roll up, kickout. Stiff kick on English, monkey flip follows. RVD flips out onto English. RVD chases English around the ring. Back in the ring, English unloads with kicks. Suplex connects, two. Headlock in place from English. Roll up from Van Dam. Kick, clotheslines, kick. Rolling Thunder connects, RVD nails the Frog Splash.

Winner: Rob Van Dam – by pinfall (5:31)


Confirmed for next week:

  • Sami Zayn vs. Bo Dallas for the NXT Championship.