NXT Results (7/17/13) – Graves and Neville Capture Gold


This week’s edition of NXT starts with a triple threat match!

Leo Kruger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn – #1 Contenders Match

Cesaro kicks Zayn and then Kruger. Arm drag to both by Sami. Dropkick to Kruger from Sami. Cesaro knees Sami a few times. Kruger throws Cesaro out, and nails a suplex on Zayn. Uppercut and elbows from Leo. Cesaro takes Kruger outside, and Zayn front-flips onto them!


Zayn kicks and punches Antonio. Zayn goes up top, Cesaro catches the crossbody for tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, nearfall. Kruger and Antonio trade blows. Zayn rolls Kruger up. Kruger has a hold of Zayn, Cesaro comes up and they all go into a big reverse suplex! Cesaro throws Kruger out, and then swings Zayn around by the neck. Kruger slices Antonio, covers Zayn. Leo covers Cesaro, no luck. Zayn nails a double DDT, which leaves them on the mat for 6 count. Zayn punches each of them multiple times. R0ll-up by Zayn onto Kruger, Cesaro rolled-up for a nearfall! Kruger is tossed out again, uppercut from Cesaro to Sami. Neutralizer connects, Kruger comes in for the sneak pin!

Winner: Leo Kruger – by pinfall (7:44) New #1 Contender

leo kruger

Backstage, Corey Graves confronts Neville. He says he’s not looking for friend, he’s looking for a partner.


Sylvester LeFort introduces Scott Dawson. He’s facing the NXT Champion, Bo Dallas.

Scott Dawson vs. Bo Dallas

Lock up, they circle around the ring. Dawson delivers several kicks and punches. Bo hits a pair of dropkicks. Bo pins, kickout. Scott with a clothesline and several stomps for a two. Another cover on Bo. They trade punches before Dallas clotheslines him, and hits a bulldog. Bo connects with the belly-to-belly suplex for the victory.

Winner: Bo Dallas – by pinfall (2:37)

Afterwards, Kruger viciously attacks Bo Dallas.


Bayley makes her way to the ring. Ric Flair comes out and talks before Charlotte enters. Flair says he can’t believe he’s in Florida. He loves this business. He’s proud of NXT. It’s a special night for him, as his daughter is debuting right now. She has a twelve-year background in gymnastics.

Bayley vs. Charlotte

Lock up, Charlotte applies an arm lock, and trips Bayley for a pin. Lock up again, Charlotte trips her into a roll-up. Bayley with a quick pin, followed by another roll-up. Suplex from Bayley for a two. Charlotte sends Bayley into the corner, and then connects with a unique DDT combination for the win.

Winner: Charlotte – by pinfall (2:48)

Flair celebrates with her in the ring.


Backstage, Tony Dawson interviews Sheamus. He says a little bit, and then The Wyatt Family attacks him. Wyatt says it only takes one stone to take a giant down to his knee. Follow the buzzards.

Tyler Breeze, formerly known as Mike Dalton, will make his debut next week. Paige and Emma will go head-to-head next week as well to crown the first NXT Women’s Champion.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Wyatt Family (c) vs. Adrian Neville and Corey Graves

Graves and Harper start. Corey unloads with punches. He applies his head submission on the ropes. Neville tagged in with a dropkick on Luke. Rowan tagged in with headbutts. Neville gets caught, Graves with a dropkick. Corey was tagged in. Headlock on Rowan. Harper back in, Graves punching more. Corey catches the boot ans trips him. Neville takes out Rowan. Harper connects with the boot for a two.


Rowan on Graves head. Harper tags himself in. Uppercut to Corey, punches. Rowan tagged in, applies a bear hug. Shoulderblock to Graves. Harper back in the match with elbow drops, nearfall. Headlock is locked in. Elbowing his way out, Graves rolls Harper up. Harper nails a big dropkick! Rowan tagged in. Erick applies an abdominal stretch. Graves powers out, but Rowan stops the tag, two-count pin. Harper back in. Graves elbows both of them, but Harper catches him for a nearfall. Harper tries for boot, goes over the ropes! Neville with the hot tag, Rowan as well. Adrian delivers multiple kicks, and takes Harper out with a hurricanrana outside. Neville nails an amazing moonsault from the turnbuckle. Neville pins Rowan, Harper stops. Bray interferes, Sheamus attacks Wyatt! Graves takes Rowan down, Harper hits his finisher for the win!

Winners: and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, Neville and Graves – by pinfall (12:04)

Sheamus raises their hands. Graves and Neville share words and raise up their titles.



Awesome opening match! Sami Zayn is going to be the future of WWE. Cesaro and Kruger have improved a lot, and they all did great with this match. I’m not surprised Kruger won, after he’s been taunting Bo every week.

I expected Bo to go over Dawson. Charlotte impressed me right away in her debut match. She’s very agile and charismatic.

Adrian Neville kinda got screwed at the beginning of his tag title reign with Oliver Grey. Grey suffered an injury, and Neville joined with Bo Dallas to drop the titles to The Wyatt Family. Now that Bray and his goons are on the main roster, it only makes sense for them to drop the belts. I still don’t really know what happened to Kassius Ohno, other then they say he was “injured” in an attack by The Wyatt Family.

Next week, Paige and Emma will fight to crown the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion.