NXT Results (7/24/13) – Who’s The First NXT Women’s Champion?


They start the show off showing how Emma made it to the finals. Tonight, they will crown the first NXT Women’s Champion.

NXT Women’s Championship: Emma vs. Paige - (Finals in the Women’s Championship Tournament)

Lock up, Emma in the corner. Paige pins, Emma pins. Shoulder block by Paige, pin. Paige is rolled-up. Paige rolled-up again. Emma focuses on the left arm. Paige headbutts her. quick cover. Paige tries for a backslide, Emma locks in her submission on the ropes. Paige super-kicks Emma as they go to commercial break.


Paige locks in a headlock, then applies her knee to the back, and a pin. Emma is thrown into the ropes, pin. Paige connects with a Perfect-Plex for a two. Emma is stomped on in the corner, another pin. Emma dances and nails a small crossbody in the corner for a two. Emma covers Paige, then a roll-up on Emma. Headlock on Paige. Piage elbows out, by Emma gets her back down for a cover. Emma wraps her arms around Paige, who elbows her wait out again, Paige locks in a modified clover leaf, Emma kicks out followed by a roll-up. Emma tries for her leg submission. Paige knees her on the apron. From the turnbuckle, Emma connects with a suplex on Paige! Emma crawls for the pin, kickout. Paige hits the Paige Turner for the win!

Winner: and NEW NXT Women’s Champion, Paige – by pinfall (11:53)


Paige celebrates in the ring with all of the NXT divas. Triple H’s music hits. He comes to the ring to raise her hand.

In the main event, Sheamus faces Luke Harper.

A Zeb Colter promo airs. He says they ran a background check on Sami Zayn, and he’s in the country illegally. Cesaro says he will make Zayn’s life a complete and utter nightmare.


Angelo Dawkins is in the ring. Tyler Breeze, FKA Mike Dalton, is making his debut. Breeze has big furry boot, and is filming himself with his phone.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Tyler Breeze

Breeze takes forever to put down his phone. Dawkins attacks. Breeze comes back with several punches to the back. Roll-up on Tyler. Tyler kicks Angelo a few times before taking more pictures. Breeze nails a big spinning-heel kick to the face for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze – by pinfall (1:20)

A vignette airs for The Ascension. Rick Victor talks for most of it. O’Brian says they will rise… again.


The Ascension enters for a tag team match. They’re opponents are Mickey Keegan and Aiden English

The Ascension vs. Mickey Keegan and Aiden English

O’Brian and English start, multiple shoulderblocks on Aiden. Victor tagged in, hits many uppercuts in the corner. They double team English, O’Brian tagged in. Victor back in. Dropkick on English, as O’Brian gets tagged. They slam English down with a double powerbomb-like move. Victor gets the pin after a kick.

Winners: The Ascension – by pinfall (1:52)



Next week, Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn will face Leo Kruger and Antonio Cesaro.

Sheamus comes out to a big pop.

Sheamus vs. Luke Harper

Lock up, Sheamus with a headlock on the ropes. Another headlock is applied in the middle of the ring. Shoulderblock by Harper. Sheamus focuses on the left arm, headlock again. After being hit with a shoulderblock, Harper goes out to talk with Bray. Sheamus trips Luke down, and stomps on him. Uppercut and punches by Harper. Sheamus comes back with an Irish Hammer. Uppercut by Haper, Sheamus sends Luke out of the ring. On the apron, Sheamus connects with the forearms to the chest. Rowan gets the forearms. Rowan nails a clothesline as the ref is looking away.


Harper with a punch and uppercut in the corner. Harper covers, kickout. Headlock is applied. They trade punches. Sheamus slams Harper down to gets some breathing time. More punches are traded, Irish hammer on Harper. Harper side-slams Sheamus for a two. Harper attempts a splash, Sheamus moves. Sheamus connects with the rolling senton. Sheamus goes up top, hops over Luke. Attempted for the Brouge Kick, Harper nails a clothesline for a nearfall. Sheamus boots Luke, and throws him into Rowan. Sheamus connects with White Noise, no pin. He sets up for the big one, and nails a Brouge Kick!

Winner: Sheamus – by pinfall (11:10)

Sheamus celebrates as Wyatt claps for Sheamus and laughs. The Wyatt Family leaves as they stare at Sheamus.


This week’s episode was an important one.

Paige was crowned the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion. Paige and Emma are the top two divas in the NXT diva’s division, so they deserved to be in that match. Paige will be awesome on the main roster, and I can’t wait for her debut.

I liked Mike Dalton, but his new Tyler Breeze gimmick is…well… unique. It reminds me of Fandango to say the least. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

The Ascension has officially re-risen. They had it going when it was O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron. If Cameron hadn’t been released, The Ascension probably would be on the main roster by now.

Sheamus and Harper are big men that can put up a fight. The Wyatt Family most likely won’t be on NXT as often now. I do like seeing WWE main roster stars in action ever now and then on NXT.

Next week, Sami Zayn teams up with NXT Champion Bo Dallas to face rivals Antonio Cesaro and Leo Kruger.


(Here’s a pic of Tyler Breeze)