NXT Results (9/4/13) – Zayn Taps Out To Swagger


Bayley enters, time for diva’s tag team action. Her opponent will be Charlotte, who is now half-brown, half-blonde. They face main roster divas, Alicia Fox and Aksana.

Bayley and Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana

Bayley and Aksana start. They start chants before Aksana goes for hug, but kicks her instead. Aksana drops Bayley and crawls around, two. Tag to Fox, who dropkicks Bayley for a two. Alicia throws her into the turnbuckle, suplex follows. Aksana back in. A few kicks are delivered until she tags Fox, and then back to Aksana. Bayley gets out of an arm hold, but Aksana strikes her back down. Bayley hugs Aksana, and hits a belly-to-belly slam. Hot tags to Fox and Charlotte. Charlotte with a roll-up, kickout. Fox throws her off of the turnbuckle. Clothesline from Charlotte for a two. Bayley tags in. Fox goes for a boot, Bayley ducks and she hits Aksana. Bayley rolls Alicia up for the three.

Winners: Bayley and Charlotte – by pinfall (4:28)


Scott Dawson and Sylvester LeFort are talking backstage as Rusev walks up. Alexander will be fighting Mason Ryan tonight. Sylvester asks Rusev what is he going to do to Mason. He lifts up a board with Mason’s name on it and snaps it. Tonight, Sami Zayn and Jack Swagger fight in the main event.

Rick Victor of The Ascension enters with Graves’ NXT Tag title, while Graves enters with tape around his ribs.

Rick Victor (w/ Conor O’Brian) vs. Corey Graves (w/ Adrian Neville)

Graves throws his jacket at Victor, and goes right on the attack. Corey throws several punches in the corner until Rick counters with a boot. They trade blows, headbutt and an elbow from Graves take Rick down. Graves applies a neck hold on the mat, Victor gets up and out. Corey connects with a suplex. Graves nails a crossbody, Victor grabs Corey by the hair and releases at three. Rick sends Graves right into the ropes, leading to Corey landing outside.


Victor kicks Graves a few times in the corner. Victor delivers several uppercuts, and drops Corey to his knees for a two. Modified Camel Clutch is locked in on Graves. Another cover, two. Camel Clutch locked in again as Graves tries to work his way out. Rick catches the boot, Graves sends an elbow to the chest. Corey hits a high knee and several punches before a big clothesline sends him down. Conor gets on the apron, and Neville sends him out. Rick tries for his finisher, but Graves rolls him up for the win!

Winner: Corey Graves – by pinfall (10:24)

Sasha Banks is putting on make-up as Summer confronts her about her match with Paige next week.

Renee Young is interviewing Paige. Paige doesn’t know what Summer’s up to, but Sasha’s good. But that’s why Paige is champion. She’s an Anti-Diva, and she will give Sasha the fight of her life next week.

Sylvester LeFort introduces his new member of his money-making company, Alexander Rusev.


Alexander Rusev vs. Mason Ryan

Lock up, they separate. Lock up again, Ryan throws him into the corner, Rusev counters with a boot. Ryan kicks Alexander, followed by a shoulder-block. Rusev hits a spinning heel kick, several headbutts. They trade kicks, but Ryan is thrown into the corner. Rusev stomps, and Mason moves from the corner splash. Ryan grabs Rusev by the mouth and punches him multiple times. Mason connects with a big boot. Dawson gets in the ring, and Mason sends him out. Sylvester distracts, allowing Rusev to lock in the Camel Clutch. Mason taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev – by submission (3:59)

Outside, Leo Kruger is shown laughing. He is standing over a hurt Xavier Woods.

Sami Zayn’s makes his way to the ring for the main event. Swagger enters with Zeb Colter. They show a replay of Zayn being attacked by Swagger.

Sami Zayn vs. Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter)

Lock up, Zayn sends several punches. Shoulder blocks from Jack. Dropkick from Zayn, throws Jack into the corner. Pin, one. Another dropkick connects, Swagger rolls out to talk to Colter. Sami attempts to jump onto them, but he catches himself. “OLE” chants break out as Zayn goes outside to fight. Zeb distracts Sami, Swagger hits a clothesline. Swagger sends several knees into Zayn as they go to commercial.


Swagger has a hold in place on Zayn’s arm. Belly-to-belly slam on Sami, followed by a suplex. Knees and a clothesline take Zayn down. Sami gets out of an arm lock, and he sends Swagger out of the ring. Zayn front-flips out onto Jack. Crossbody connects for a nearfall. Zayn rolls Jack up, Swagger kicks out and slams him to the mat for a two. Sami flips Swagger around for a cover, another two. Swagger applies the ankle lock out of nowhere. Sami gets out, but Swagger hits him with a gutwrench powerbomb for another nearfall!

Jack takes off his straps and locks in the Patriot Lock, Zayn reaches the ropes. Swagger tries for the Swagger Bomb, Sami counters. Zayn hits a big boot, two! Punches are thrown, and Swagger drops to his knees. Jack stops Sami on the turnbuckle, but Sami reverses it into a powerbomb, close two! Bo Dallas comes out to distract Sami. “No more Bo!” chants start as Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock, Sami taps.

Winner: Jack Swagger – by submission (14:47)

Bo tries to act innocent on the ramp as the show fades.

zeb and jack


I would have liked to have seen more Charlotte in the opener, but it was fine for what it was.

It was nice to see Graves get retribution against Victor for the attack. I look forward to seeing a future tag match with the belts on the line.

Ryan vs. Rusev was a lot better than I thought it would be. Rusev looks awesome when  he hits that spinning heel kick. I’m glad Dawson now has a new “partner” after Garrett Dylan was released, because I’m not sure how Scott would be as a singles competitor.

I was also shocked by the many nearfalls in Zayn vs. Swagger. Good, drawn-out action. I was expecting Zayn to win, but with Bo kind of costing him the match, it was a good outcome to further their feud.

  • Charlie

    This week's show was great. I liked the main event, and how it was booked to further the storyline that in the end I hope to see Zayn with the strap.

    • CJ Blaze

      I really hope they strap Zayn. He deserves it!

  • Dare

    I hope Zayn is strapped too but I’ll rather have him on the main roster. He’ll steal the show every damn week.

    • CJ Blaze

      Yes! He could hold the belt and debut on the main roster like Rollins and Langston did.

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