NXT Review (10/24/13) – Sasha Knocks Off Emma, Graves vs. Neville


This week’s edition of NXT starts off with a video package showing Corey Graves turning on Adrian Neville. Tensai, Tom Phillips, and Alex Riley were on commentary this week. I want to note that Tensai could turn out to be a full-time commentator. I enjoyed his work on the Battleground Panel, and on this week’s episode of NXT.

Corey Graves cuts a short promo on the ramp. He doesn’t say very much because Adrian ambushes him from behind and they duke it out. I enjoyed the face attacking the heel, as it’s usually the other way around.

Sasha Banks def. Emma (8:54)

This was pleasantly a longer diva’s match than we are used to. Sasha Banks showed her true heel colors in this match. Both women are talented, but I think there is still room to improve. Paige accidentally hitting Emma after the match was a good way to further the main women’s storyline in NXT. One thing that could really enhance Sasha, but still keep her heel, is to have her rise above Summer Rae. Sasha could go on to win a bunch of matches, and then begins to feel she no longer needs Summer’s help. Summer gets angry and they have a heel vs. heel blow-off match a couple weeks later. Just an idea.


The Ascension def. Casey Maron and Tommy Taylor  (2:52)

Just a basic squash match that was used to give The Ascension some air time. I wonder who will be The Ascension’s first challengers? Give me your thoughts in the comments.

Sami Zayn told Renee Young backstage that he should be NXT Champion (I agree). JBL was then interviewed, he said Zayn has been suspended from NXT for now.

Alexander Rusev def. CJ Parker (1:18)

I’m shocked that this match only lasted a minute. I know Rusev is a big man who is being booked to destroy his opponents, but only a minute? Over CJ Parker? The other thing I questioned is where is Sylvester LeFort? The commentators mentioned  they have split already or something, which is confusing. I think Rusev will be better off on his own, anyways. During the match, a blonde lady came down and watched the rest of the match. She walked out with Rusev, so it looks like Alexander is leaving LeFort for a chick.

After the match, Tyler Breeze attacked Parker, and cut off a few dreadlocks for taking his phone.

Corey Graves def. Adrian Neville (7:06)

A feud between these two makes much more sense than pairing them up for a tag team. This match had a good pace, and it sets up a future rematch. I mean, they can’t just end this here. They have the potential to put on an outstanding match if given time. I also think their styles mash well together. I can see Graves going into the main roster as a CM Punk-like attitude, where he believes he is better than everyone else. Both guys should have success on the main roster, and it will be sad if they don’t.


Confirmed for next week:

  • Paige vs. Summer Rae
  • CJ Parker vs. Tyler Breeze