NXT Review (10/30/13) – Rusev Turns On LeFort, Parker Knocks Off Breeze


Alexander Rusev and Sylvester LeFort def. Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore (1:25)

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady cut a promo before the tag match. Rusev dominated the whole time, and make Cassady submit. Right before the submission was locked in, Rusev tossed LeFort out of the ring. And, the mysterious blonde women came out onto the ramp at the end. Very confusing stuff here. Apparently, they are putting Rusev with this lady, and splitting from LeFort’s team. So why didn’t they do this in the first place? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Aiden English def. Jason Jordan (1:43)

One of the problems I had with this show was the length of the matches. The first two were under two minutes, and the last two were over eight minutes. I am glad that at least two of these matches had length to them. This was another squash match used to get Aiden English over with the WWE Universe. I’m all for taking it slow and not rushing new characters, but can’t the newbies have some competition? I mean, eventually they may join a portion of the WWE stars and lose every match a few months into their main roster run. On the flip side, I enjoy English’s character, and I have high hopes for him.

Aiden English

Paige def. Summer Rae (8:28)

These two have faced-off several times already, so this wasn’t much for me. They are solid in the ring together, don’t get me wrong, but this was more special when they fought for the first time this summer. I was surprised that this match had some length to it, which pleased me. I’m going to have to say that either Emma or Sasha Banks will be Paige’s next contender. Summer has already had the title match, and Sasha has never had a title match. Paige beat Emma to win the title, so maybe another face vs. face match could take place. From an entertainment aspect, a fatal-four-way would be a very good choice.

Adrian Neville told interviewers that he isn’t done with Corey Graves.

CJ Parker def. Tyler Breeze (8:35)

I wasn’t pleased with their last match, so this made up for it sort of. It wasn’t as great of a match that I had expected, but it was decent. They should know each other’s styles by now. These two were tag team partners when Breeze was Mike Dalton. And now, they have become enemies since they debuted. It’s hard to say where both guys will go now. I hope Parker doesn’t get thrown around, with no direction. Same goes for Breeze, there is so much potential with his gimmick.

CJ Parker

This week’s edition of NXT didn’t impress me, and I found myself struggling with things to say about the matches. I want to see more of the Zayn/Dallas feud, and action from Neville and Graves. Hopefully this will be the case next week.

CJ Blaze