NXT Review (11/13/13) – Charlotte Joins The BFF’s, 2/3 Falls Match


Tensai, Tom Phillips, and William Regal were on commentary this week. The show starts with a diva’s tag team match!

Summer Rae and Sasha Banks def. Charlotte and Bayley (7:32)

Of all things I predicted for this match, Charlotte turning on Bayley was not one of them! I don’t know whether I like the turn yet or not, but the way it was done was very nice. I absolutely love Charlotte’s in-ring work, and I hope she gets more television time than she received as a face. Sasha’s heel turn is going better than I expected, and I’m still anticipating Sasha or Summer Rae abandoning the other person.


Aiden English def. Camacho (2:06)

I was pleased to see that English didn’t have full control over his opponent this time. Camacho held his own in this match, and was provided time to look like a threat to English, rather than the typical squash match. After watching this match, I want to see more of what Camacho can do by himself in the ring. He’s shown us a little bit in this episode and earlier this year against Kassius Ohno.

After the match, William Regal was “crying” and praising English for his singing.

Mason Ryan def. Danny Burch (2:34)

I have always been a fan of Mason Ryan, so it was nice to see him. Since Ryan hasn’t been featured regularly lately, I found his presence refreshing. I haven’t seen Burch really wrestle, since he’s usually being squashed on TV. Back to Ryan, I figured he would be back on the main roster by now. He has been on the road with them a few times this year, but not very much. One for Mason to get better in the ring, is to feature him on the taped shows, in my opinion.

Adrian Neville def. Corey Graves – 2/3 Falls Match (15:00)

If you didn’t see this match, I recommend going out of your way to see it. While it wasn’t anywhere near as spectacular to Cesaro vs. Zayn earlier this summer, this was a very good match. The story was told in a great way by the two workers and commentators. I was surprised to see Neville get the first fall so quick, but it made sense. Graves went on to lock in Lucky 13 to gain his first fall. In the end, Adrian rolled Graves up for the three. I think Neville was the best choice to win this match, considering Graves won their last encounter.


There’s a couple things I want to touch on that isn’t involved with this week’s show. First is the release of Kassius Ohno. I was almost mad at the fact, but I hope Chris Hero returns to WWE someday. If you haven’t read the news yet, there are about three injured NXT stars right now. Enzo Amore is out for up to 6 months with a broken leg. Judas Devlin, who hasn’t been seen on TV since March, is dealing with back injuries. Scott Dawson is sidelined right now with a torn ACL.

NXT Champion Bo Dallas makes his return next week.