NXT Review (1/29/14) – Miz vs. Parker, Graves Returns, Contract Signing


Tom Phillips, William Regal, and Alex Riley were on commentary.

The Ascension def. two jobbers (2:21)

Once again this was the typical Ascension squash match with nothing much to it. I do want to note that the crowd was yelling/chanting “yah!” frequently, but I haven’t heard that before on TV, so maybe it’s something that was started at live events.

Corey Graves def. Camacho (1:20)

It was nice to see Graves back in the ring. He cut a promo on Neville before the match. Camacho hardly had any offense, and it didn’t last long before Graves made Camacho submit to Lucky 13. I found it interesting that the commentators hyped Camacho as this big guy that Graves should fear, but then he gets beat in a minute? Really?


Backstage Interview: Antonio Cesaro talked about turning down Sami Zayn’s challenge last week.

Bayley def. Sasha Banks (2:47)

Bayley has knocked off Summer Rae and now Sasha, so it should only be a matter of time before she faces Charlotte. Bayley once again had Natalya with her, and Renee Young came out for commentary. I enjoy seeing other diva feuds that don’t involve the champion, which seems rare to find in WWE.

Tyler Breeze def. Colin Cassady (2:22)

The match was interrupted towards the end before it got going anywhere. Aiden English appeared on the screen and talked/sang before going in to a room where Enzo Amore was sitting. Back in the ring, Breeze hit the Beauty Shot on Colin to get the win. After the match, Cassady went backstage to the room to find Enzo sitting there untouched. Amore said English came in and then left. SAWFT.

The Miz def. CJ Parker (4:40)

This was the longest match this week, and for me the most enjoyable. The action didn’t slow down much, and it kept going back-and-forth. Miz had an unusual dropkick at the beginning. He ended the match by making Parker submit to the figure-four leg lock.

The Miz & Renee Young

Contract Signing

Renee Young hosted a contract signing between Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas. Neville came out first, but Bo did not enter. Neville talked a little and signed the contract before Dallas came out. He told Adrian to watch his next match.

Bo Dallas def. Danny Burch (2:10)

Basic squash match with Bo getting the win, which isn’t a surprise. The crowd seemed bored with it, too. After Bo won he signed the contract. As he was walking away, he turned around and nailed Neville with a microphone. Neville eventually got up and attacked Bo. The show ended with them brawling on the ramp.

NXT Superstar of the Week: Corey Graves

Match of the Week: The Miz vs. CJ Parker

  • Charlie

    I figured it out, I didn't like Rusev on NXT, because I felt there was better talent deserving of he TV time. Now that he is on the main roster, I'm starting to think Rusev has a little potential.

    • CJ Blaze

      I hope I get to like him more, and I do see potential if he is booked right unlike so many superstars.