NXT Review (2/5/14) – Emma vs. Fox, Neville vs. Graves, Triple H Makes An Announcement


Alexander Rusev def. Sin Cara (4:45)

I expected this match to happen sooner or later after Sin Cara made the save for Woods a few weeks back. Rusev seemed to dominate most of the match with Cara getting in a little offense. With Hunico under the mask, I figured the Sin Cara character would be getting a bigger push than what we are seeing. And what we are seeing isn’t much anyways. I was shocked to see Rusev get a spot in the Royal Rumble match. I know he has been on the road with the crew working house shows and dark matches, so it was only a matter of time before the rest of the WWE Universe would be seeing him.

Emma def. Alicia Fox (3:17)

The #1 contender to the NXT Women’s Championship has once again knocked off a former diva’s champion. It wasn’t the most entertaining match, but Emma was able to showcase her moves as she chases after the title. I’ve enjoyed Renee Young on commentary for the divas matches and I hope she continues to do so. After the match, Emma announced that once Paige returns from injury, she will be “cashing in” her opportunity for a title match.

Before Emma left the ring, the BFF’s each came down and attacked her. This lead to Natalya and Bayley making the save. I think it’s safe to say this will most likely lead to a six-diva tag team match in the coming weeks.


Mason Ryan def. Sylvester LeFort (0:50)

The stipulation for this match was if Mason lost, he would be LeFort’s new client. Ryan went on to squash Sylvester in less than a minute, which makes me wonder why this match even happened as I can’t remember anything besides Mason hitting his finisher for the win.

Tyson Kidd def. Aiden English (2:43)

Once again it was nice to see Kidd in action, but I’d rather see him on SmackDown picking up wins. This was a short, decent match with not a whole lot to it. Colin Cassady came out with Aiden’s hat and scarf and mocked him. He threw the hat into the ring, which was in the perfect position for Kidd who was up on the turnbuckle to hit his finisher for the win.


Adrian Neville def. Corey Graves (11:11)

It seems like it’s been awhile since we have had a nice, drawn-out main event like we had this week. I wasn’t excited to see it when they hyped it through out the show due to the fact that they ended their rivalry just a couple months ago. It ended up being an enjoyable main event with Neville getting the win via the Red Arrow.

Post-match, Bo Dallas came down to the ring without a smile on his face. Right before he got to the ring, Triple H’s music hit. He was glad he was able to talk to the both of them. He picked up the NXT title and announced that Dallas will now be defending his title in the first-ever NXT Ladder match! I think this is a great idea for the first NXT pay-per-view.

NXT Star of the Week: Emma

Match of the Week: Neville vs. Graves