NXT Review (5/15/14) – The Future Really Is Now



The Ascension def. Buddy Murphy and Elias Samson (1:32)

Well, some things are changing and some things aren’t. The Ascension have squashed random tag teams for the last two years. The challengers hardly score any offense and usually get beat in two minutes or less after The Ascension hits their finisher. We have seen at least three solid tag teams form over the last few weeks that can help the NXT tag team division. After the match, Kalisto and El Local came out and requested that they receive a title shot. The match was made official and it looks like we will get a real tag team match at NXT Takeover! 


Charlotte def. Alexa Bliss – Tournament Match (5:00)

Alexa Bliss once again impressed me. She seems to be a good worker and will provide more great matches to the women’s division of NXT. The match itself was decent. There were a few moments that were slightly boring like Charlotte’s abdominal stretch that seemed to last forever. Charlotte winning was the best choice. Natalya vs. Sasha Banks takes place next week. Of course it looks like Natalya will go over and advance to face Charlotte to make it face vs. heel. But, what if Sasha wins? They are a heel team, but there has been some tension lately. It sure would make an intriguing story and my questions will be answered next week.

Mojo Rawley def. Aiden English (3:28)

Both of these guys are given small programs that don’t last long and then they are left without something to keep them relevant. There are many of these guys that could be thrown together to feud or even a tag team. Overall they are decent in the ring and they have good characters. They worked well together and I would love to see this go to Takeover. Mojo picking up the win sets up English wanting a rematch.

Mojo Rawley

Colin Cassady def. Angelo Dawkins (3:36)

There wasn’t much to talk about with this match. A glorified squash match to enhance Cassady was fine by me. Cassady is entertaining and I can’t wait for Enzo Amore to get back so these guys can put on more fun tag team matches. SAWFT!

Tyson Kidd def. Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn (10:25)

I can talk about so much with this match alone. Perfect booking. That’s what I would say this was. Neville needs a new challenger, so put together a battle royal. These three pull off a cool spot and fall out of the ring at the same time. A triple threat match is made. I knew going into this that this was going to be a great match. All three guys have a tremendous amount of talent and seeing their styles mesh together was awesome. I’m a fan of all three for several reasons.

Tyler Breeze has a good gimmick, in my opinion. It’s over with the fans. His work is underrated, much like Tyson Kidd. I was a fan of him when he was Mike Dalton in FCW. Sami Zayn has proved over the last year that he’s ready to hang with the top dogs. He’s put on so many great matches with the likes of Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Leo Kruger, and Adrian Neville. I’m a huge supporter of Tyson Kidd. Anytime he is wrestling, even if it’s Superstars, I watch. He needs an opportunity to shine. And it’s coming.


Triple Threat matches usually feature lots of “double moves” where someone hits their signature moves or something on both guys. We seen lots of these moments in this match. My favorite was where Kidd hit a suplex on Zayn, while Zayn was holding Breeze. I was so happy to see Tyson win this, as all three deserve a shot at the title. Kidd vs. Neville will be a great match, I can already tell. I highly recommend you watch this match, you won’t be disappointed.

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