NXT Review (8/21/14) – Sin Cara & Kalisto Are On Fire


Tournament: The Vaudevillains def. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

The tag team tournament continued this week as The Vaudevillains managed to beat Enzo and Big Cass to move on to the finals match. It wasn’t very long and there wasn’t much to the match, but it was nice to see at least one of these teams in the finals match. I can’t exactly judge how or who I think should’ve won this until the tournament is over. Enzo and Big Cass are riding a big wave of momentum at the moment and this may have been a missed opportunity, but like I said, I shall wait until the end to judge this tournament. Later in the show, Enzo surprisingly challenged LeFort to a Hair vs. Hair match!


Triple H Announcement

It’s always nice to see a bigger name like Triple H on NXT. I’m very excited for NXT Takeover 2! This is exactly what NXT needs. We will see all titles defended and an announcement will be made next week as to who the new NXT General Manager will be. JBL is supposed to be the GM, but he hasn’t made an appearance in forever, so it’s best someone else steps in.

Tyson Kidd def. Tyler Breeze – by count-out

This had the potential to be an amazing match, but obviously we weren’t going to see that here. Breeze left the ring during the match, leading to Kidd winning. This feud between Neville/Kidd/Breeze and arguably Sami Zayn has my full attention right now and I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

Charlotte def. Becky Lynch

We saw this match about three weeks ago and there wasn’t a whole lot to write home about. I’m loving Becky Lynch more and more as she reminds me of Lita every time I see her now. Many people aren’t huge fans of Charlotte, but I like her. She’s got in-ring talent, a decent look, and obviously, she’s the NXT Women’s Champion! This was a decent match with a decent amount of time and served as another “stepping-stone” win for the champion. I fully expect to see Charlotte defend against Bayley at Takeover 2.


Mojo Rawley def. Steve Cutler

Mojo picked up a singles win over Steve Cutler this week. This was your typical enhancement match to get Mojo over. I’m interested in the Mojo/Bull feud and hopefully we see them end their rivalry at Takeover 2.

Tournament: Sin Cara & Kalisto def. Adam Rose & Sami Zayn

Sin Cara and Kalisto are just simply amazing! I knew they were talented, but they further proved they are great in the ring during this week’s main event. All four of these guys went out there and delivered a highly entertaining match that was given plenty of time. I wasn’t shocked by Sin Cara and Kalisto winning as Zayn and Rose just doesn’t seem like a legit team to possibly face The Ascension. Not only that, but I expect Zayn to be involved in the NXT Title picture some how. This was a great match that is worth going out of your way to see!

WWE once again delivered another entertaining episode of NXT. The road to Takeover 2 is dwindling down and matches are starting to come together. Feel free to leave your comments below and your predictions on what the Takeover 2 card will look like. (Please, do not post spoilers if you read them!) You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.