NXT Review (8/28/14) – We’re Gonna Have Ourselves A Tag Team Match!


Two jobbers lost to the Overrated Tag Team Champions (1:04)

Why do I bother writing about this? With the exception of less than ten matches, The Ascension has squashed tag teams for more than two years now. And it’s not going anywhere! Gesus Oliver pointed out in the NXT Open Thread that this isn’t allowing any character progression. The tag team tournament concludes next week and my guess is Sin Cara and Kalisto will win since their the babyface team. If all goes as planned there, then I hope Sin Cara and Kalisto beat The Ascension and win the titles. I don’t know what creative has in mind for The Ascension’s gimmick, but it just isn’t working anymore.

We move on to an in-ring segment where William Regal is announced as the new NXT General Manager! Most everyone should be excited about this. His first announcement was that Adrian Neville will defend the NXT Championship against Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze, and Sami Zayn at NXT Takeover 2!

Bayley def. Sasha Banks (3:20)

These two faced off in a number one contender’s match a few weeks ago so this wasn’t too exciting in my eyes. Bayley needed the win as she will officially be challenging Charlotte for the Women’s Championship at Takeover 2. I think Sasha can go in the ring, but I just haven’t seen it yet. Bayley is impressive and I’m looking forward to her match with Charlotte.

Bull Dempsey def. Angelo Dawkins (2:48)

Bull ran through Dawkins in another squash match. I really like Bull Dempsey and big things could be ahead for him. Dawkins hasn’t really been able to show what he can do on TV as he’s just a jobber right now. I do think that Dempsey needs a new finisher, as the one he has seems very weak for a big guy like him.

Tyson Kidd & Tyler Breeze def. Adrian Neville & Sami Zayn (9:30)

If you thought last week’s main event tag team match was good, then you’ll love this match! We know that all four of these guys are very talented. Just put them together in one match and you have magic! This was perfect booking, though. These four will collide in the ring once again, but it will be every man for themselves at Takeover. Tyson Kidd has struggled to pick up some wins this summer, so it was good that he got the pin. It was pretty cool to see Zayn as the last man standing with the title at the end of the show.

There wasn’t a whole lot to complain about this show, however, there are some things that could’ve been better. Next week, Gesus Oliver will be stepping in for me and writing the NXT Review, so don’t judge him too harshly. Feel free to drop a comment below with your thoughts on this week’s show. You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

  • Phillip Friel

    I love Tyson Kidd on NXT. He’s my favorite lowcarder in WWE. He even brought back the Moss Covered Three Handled Family, haven’t seen him do that since NXT 12/28/11 against Percy Watson.

    • CJ Blaze

      I’m a huge fan of Tyson Kidd!! Anytime I get to see him on TV, I’m happy so I’m loving his appearences on NXT. Thanks for reading!