Once In A Lifetime

The REAL Once In A Lifetime

The REAL Once In A Lifetime

I remember watching WrestleMania and the build to it last year, I kept hearing about this once in a lifetime match, and then we get the exact same match again this year to end the show. Many people felt like it was a rip-off to build it as such only to repeat it one year later. I can’t really disagree with them but from a business standpoint it was bound to happen, as much as round three is possible for next year. That said I would like to make my proposal for a REAL once in a lifetime match for next year in New Orleans. I know one matchup has already been rumored by part of this, and I don’t know the contract status of the other half, but if it’s possible I think we should finally pull off Undertaker versus Sting next year, a TRUE “Once in a Lifetime” matchup.

I had been wavering on ever seeing this match come to be and even up until Sunday night had planned this piece to be about how it should NEVER happen. There has been talk about all the mounting injuries of Undertaker and how it’s affecting him lately. We also know Sting is no spring chicken anymore, as he’s stated he needs to be carried more than doing the carrying in matches these days. I expected the Undertaker match this year to be rather short and not as impressive as we’ve come to expect due to his nagging injuries, Punk’s knee and elbow issues, and the lack of having a build as massive as the last couple years. I will admit, wholeheartedly, the match we wound up getting was a wonderful surprise and was another amazing showing by a man who may be the best of all time.

I will admit I have pretty much no knowledge of Sting’s current work as I do not watch TNA; it’s not really my cup of tea. He’s had a couple runs with the title so I would assume he’s still capable of at least putting on a decent match with pretty much anyone in the company. If he can still work at an alright pace I don’t see why he couldn’t pull out one last stellar matchup against Undertaker on the biggest stage in the history of professional wrestling. It would almost be a crime to have such a massive career as Sting’s come to a close without ever working a single WrestleMania event. As stated before I’m not sure of his contract status and if it would allow this to happen, but I am very hopeful that somehow it can be organized finally. This could also be the opportunity to add Sting to the Hall of Fame, while not a WWE worker, he’s damn sure earned that distinction.

I know the rumor now is that Undertaker is supposed to finally face Lesnar next year, which wouldn’t entirely be horrible in my eyes, but the window of a Sting matchup is closing much faster than that of Lesnar, especially after the match we saw this past Sunday night. I actually expected a Cena match next year up until I read the reports of Undertaker dropping hints of Lesnar. Either way that could be a great matchup, but I would prefer at least one time before they both retire to see The Phenom go up against The Franchise Player from WCW. The only thing better would have been having the “Crow” Sting in WWE back in the day to face the Deadman in their primes, which we all know never got to happen. I would have killed to see Sting sign with WWE after the purchase because we would have not only got Sting against Undertaker but could have had Sting and Shawn Michaels as well.

I know it’s a bit of a stretch but we only have so much time to pull this one match off before it’s too late. With any luck they’ll find a way to make this happen next year at the 30th Anniversary of The Biggest Show in Sports Entertainment. Barring some miracle I won’t actually be able to physically be there but it would be amazing to say I saw it and even more amazing for this in attendance to say they were there the night the man from the darkside took on the enigma. We can always hope for this, although there is a good chance it never actually happens. I know that I’ll be keeping an eye out for any word on Sting’s contract in the coming months. I’ll be looking forward to the Royal Rumble, maybe we’ll get a little Seek and Destroy playing and Sting coming out in the middle of the match to start his run up to the true “Once in a Lifetime” match.

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