Owen Hart – Hall Of Famer?

There is a question that comes round every year, and it’s normally more than once. Will Owen Hart finally be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? And then queue the usual disappointment and complaining about it, followed by the “Next year will be the year” comment. There is no question Owen Hart had a very successful career in WWE, and his tragic and untimely death will always cast a shadow over his career until he is inducted. I give my opinions on why Owen probably hasn’t been inducted and when, or even if, I think he will be inducted.


I read a few weeks ago an interview with Bret Hart, and he stated that Owen not being in the WWE Hall of Fame was “kind of childish”. Now this may well seem the case, and I mean no disrespect to Bret when I say this, but I don’t see his brother not being in the Hall of Fame as childish. I see it for what it is – Given the Martha Hart lawsuit at the beginning, and the lawsuit due to royalties over using Owen’s name and image, I believe Vince is scared to induct Owen given the fact it is likely to cause a backlash from Martha.

Some might say that’s no reason not to induct Owen, and your right, but Vince McMahon is a smart man who isn’t going to push his luck when people still blame him for the death of Owen. Vince potentially still feels some guilt over what happened and this could also be the factor as to why Owen is still yet to be inducted. For me though, it is unlikely for this to be the case. Also, people have to realise Owen’s death doesn’t fall at Vince’s feet entirely. Yes, it happened under Vince’s employment and was due to a stunt Vince wanted Owen to do entering the arena, but you can blame the equipment, the people checking the equipment, or even Owen for not saying no if he truly did not want to do the stunt.


Looking back over Owen’s career it’s clear to see he accomplished so many things, even though he never won the WWE Championship. He signed for WWE in 1988 for 1 year as the Blue Blazer and left in 1989. He then came back to WWE from 1991 until his untimely death. For me, Owen’s most memorable moments came from his feud with Bret between 1993 and 1995 where he was able to at least have a shot at the championship. Their match to open Wrestlemania 10 is one of the greatest matches in WWE history. His other top moment came when he was pair with Jeff Jarrett between 1998 and 1999 where they became one of WWE’s greatest tag teams.

Owen’s achievements in WWE clearly outweigh some current WWE Hall of Fame inductees. Owen is a 2 time Slammy award winner, the 1994 King of the Ring, one time European Champion, two time Intercontinental Champion, and a 4 time Tag Team Champion. When you compare what Owen has achieved against someone like Mil Máscaras, Abdullah the Butcher, or Nikolai Volkoff then it does make you wonder how Owen isn’t already there.

Clearly the question remains on everyone’s mind of when will Owen Hart get inducted? I started out wondering even if Owen ever will get inducted to the Hall of Fame. When I look over the evidence of Owen’s career, achievements and in-ring skill I can easily answer that there is no doubt Owen will take his place in the WWE Hall of Fame. The question really remains more of when will it happen?


Now the lawsuit with Martha is out the way there potentially isn’t anything stopping Vince McMahon from inducting Owen, except for Vince McMahon. Lets not forget, at the end of the day you could have been the greatest wrestler of all time, but if Vince doesn’t want you in his Hall of Fame then that call certainly isn’t coming. Vince would need to square things with Martha Hart – And it’s no secret really she isn’t a fan of Vince and could potentially be the other road block in this story.

Martha has always blamed Vince for what happened to Owen, and no doubt that will never change so she isn’t going to be too happy about coming to induct Owen. She may be ok with the idea though if it was done right. You know once you get these two people in on the idea then it’s as good as done. The fans are crying out for him to be inducted, and we all know Bret would be the one to induct him, it’s only logical that he be the one to do it.

I’m a firm believer that Owen will get his induction within the next 5 years. Part of me not only hopes, but believes that 2014 could be the year. There will be people who think it’s long over due now, and whilst I agree with you, you need to remember there are reasons why it hasn’t happened as of yet. Lets not keep letting the question of when it will happen haunt us, lets wait for the announcement and celebrate Owen’s memory again when the time comes. The induction may not come when we want it, and it hasn’t come despite it being put out there the last 14 years that we as fans want Owen in there, but it will happen when the time is right.

I hope you enjoyed the article as always, and I look forward to seeing your comments on this subject. For my next article I am going to take a look at part timers in WWE and what my opinion is on them and what their value is to WWE. Until then, thanks as always for reading.

  • Chris

    Not bad, well written. I did a similar article right after the lawsuit was dropped.

    • Jamie Welton

      Thanks Chris, appreciate it. I will check out your article to see what yours was like

  • christopher525

    Here's a link to my take on Owen's potential Hall of Fame induction:

    • Jamie Welton

      Great article Chris, really well written

      • christopher525

        Thanks, one of my favorite topics.

  • Chris Owen

    Great article Jamie. I have said for a long time as most people that we need Owen in the HOF and every year we hope and hope and it never happens. I just hope like you it is in the next 5 years. I I just fear we could be in our 60's before we see that happening. Owen would of been right up there now, that I can believe but he has not got the recognition he deserves which the HOF would give him. It is not about Martha, It is about a celebration of Owen Hart and whether she is bitter towards WWE or not how can she deny what an honour it would be for wrestlers and fans alike to celebrate his accomplishments…I think in Vince's mind he is being respectful by not inducting him anyway regardless. She has settled on the lawsuit. It just needs to be over now and Owen needs to take his rightful place in the HOF. Owen's memory is there but it is always tainted, Think of Owen and the first thing that comes to mind is HOF……It is about time this is laid to rest and he is inducted so when you think of Owen, you think of HOF'er. It would be nice for her to give consent for it to happen but HHH may be the one to make it happen.

  • Jamie Welton

    Thanks Chris, appreciate it as always. I hope it doesn't come to the fact that Own will be inducted when we are in our 60's as that's another 30 years. I would like to hope Martha would be able to put aside her feelings toward Vince and WWE and let Owen be remembered for what he did in the ring. Given the things Triple H has gotten done recently this would be another good one to get

  • Josh w

    He gave his life for the sport. Induct him.

  • chris hollingshead

    I think Owen need to been the hof bc of one fact Eddie died the put him in the hof no disrespect the to Eddie and his family but it not right to Owen soon put that watch wrestling plz help me to get Owen in the hof I have call the WWE they just hang up I am beging all over the wrestling fan to bring one of the best wrestler in the hof this year