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Batffleck Unless you are living under a rock, I’m sure you heard the controversial news that came across the internet yesterday. No, not that Michael Tarver has signed a new 5-year deal with WWE and will immediately be handed the WWE Championship to carry the entire time, that would be far beyond controversial, that would be downright suicidal for the company. Last night the news all over Facebook was the announcement that Ben Affleck has been named as Batman for the upcoming Superman versus Batman movie, all I’ve heard was how horrible the selection is going to be with a small smattering of those of us who feel it may not be too horrible of a move. I’ll admit, after the Daredevil debacle Affleck taking the helm of ANY superhero is a bit difficult to handle, but at the same time, he’s a damn good actor and a fan of the series so there’s a good chance it will turn out well. I’ve learned quite a few things while watching wrestling, one being that having someone who’s been a lifelong fan involved is usually a good thing. Secondly, you NEVER want to give up on anything too early.

One prime example of the not dumping on something too soon would be the night we got Bray Wyatt’s debut. This is a character that has the potential to take over for an Undertaker when he finally decides to step away from the ring and people tried to kill it on night one with their absurd Husky Harris chants. Affleck may not be the top pick for Batman, but why would you kill it before it’s even been given a chance to play out? Yes, both played horrible roles in the past, Wyatt with Husky Harris and Affleck with Daredevil, but they deserve to have a second chance to succeed. Bray Wyatt is a beyond solid worker, who had a horrible name with his first gimmick, and a bad look as well. I actually liked Husky Harris as a worker, just thought (much like Michael McGillicutty) the name was absolutely horrible, and the character wasn’t the greatest either. When I first saw Bray Wyatt on FCW television, I had trouble taking him seriously knowing that he just left role of Husky Harris on the main roster, but after a couple times the man had won me over to the new role. I prejudged, but I didn’t give up, and in the end, it paid off.

Another example of jumping on too soon to complain about something would the current storyline on top of the wrestling world, the Daniel Bryan versus the Corporation angle. Some people wanted to bash this angle before it even had a chance to get rolling; luckily, that tide is turning very quickly thanks to the way things played out on Monday night. While I felt the angle was amazing and had an absolutely perfect setup, there were people ready to bash it because it wasn’t what they thought the storyline SHOULD have been. Sometimes things don’t make sense on first glance, but once they play out you’re left thinking that was actually a pretty decent move. One of my bigger instances of this has always been the casting of Thomas Jane as The Punisher. When I first heard it, I thought they had made a HORRIBLE choice for the role, until I actually had the chance to see the movie. Once I watched the movie, I’m glad I didn’t completely give up because he absolutely nailed the role. That’s the same position I had planned to take with the Bryan angle, from the looks of it that’s completely the right decision because it would appear that we’re looking at modern version of Austin versus McMahon playing out before our eyes.

My last example of not giving up on something too soon is actually probably one of the biggest examples anyone could ever need. Back in the mid-nineties, an incredibly talented wrestler was released from WCW while he was out with an injured triceps muscle. This worker got a chance to try out an over the top gimmick in ECW, which got over well, and eventually landed him a spot on the WWF roster. Steve Austin first appeared in WWF under the gimmick of The Ringmaster, a technically sound worker who honestly would have gone no further than an enhancement worker. Fortunately, WWF didn’t give up on the man in the role allowing Austin to become the Stone Cold character that we all know and love. If they had just given up on him because he “didn’t fit the role” where would the world of wrestling have been? I’m a firm believer in giving a character, a storyline, or a worker in a new gimmick a chance to pan out before trying to shit on it because it’s not how I would have envisioned it being done. I know some people are impatient and want the “now, now, now” payoff, but sometimes you need to learn to slow down and enjoy the ride.

This is why I love how my mind works sometimes, I get into a conversation about one topic and suddenly come up with ideas for something completely unrelated to where I started. There are some people who are already pissing all over the idea of Ben Affleck playing the role of Batman, while I’m taking the “let’s see where this goes” approach. Much like the Husky/Wyatt, Bryan/Corporation, and Ringmaster/Austin situations, this is something that can’t just be given up on before it even starts. Another example of this would be Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine, who would have thought a dancing, show tune singing, Australian actor who is 6’2” would be a natural fit as a Canadian brute who smokes, drinks, curses, and is pretty much as “real man” as they come? When you first see something like that, as a comic fan (or Husky Harris as Bray Wyatt), it makes you feel like your head is about to explode. After sitting back and being patient with the scenario, you’ll eventually see it’s not all that bad, and maybe you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the final product. Then again, Affleck could just be another Tarver…if so, may God have mercy on Zack Snyder’s soul.

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