Previewing Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

Here’s a match that honestly I expected to see at Survivor Series last year and am somewhat surprised this has been dragged out for this long. While some may complain that this storyline has simply gone on for too long, I enjoy the long term booking as opposed to changing them month after month. I will admit some of the booking since SummerSlam 2013 has been odd and fairly lackluster, but the idea of a wrestling bad guy is someone people will pay to get beat up. Now maybe you’re mad with the character of HHH’s authority role; or maybe you have a problem with Triple H’s business behind the scenes. Either way I would imagine there are a lot of people who are excited to see Daniel Bryan, someone no one thought would work in the land of the giants, beating the King of Kings at the grandest stage of the year.

WWE WrestleMania 30 - WWE WrestleMania XXX - Daniel Bryan VS Triple H

After clamoring for Daniel Bryan to get into the man event scene for years, Daniel Bryan has proven that hard work actually does pay off. What’s fairly funny from my perspective is that now there’s a portion of the internet community who now believes this match has become too predictable. YES! Yes it is. I would almost guarantee that Daniel Bryan will in fact beat Triple H at WrestleMania 30, but this really is the only logical story progression at this point; having followed from SummerSlam, the bad guy needs to be beaten. HHH has also repeatedly screwed Daniel Bryan out of the WWE Title and even if we can see it coming, the evil guy in charge needs to get his comeuppance. Further I’d have to pose the question of, why does it really matter? I fully expect these two to put on a classic, so just enjoy the show.


But then there’s that side of me who would absolutely love to see Triple H beat Daniel Bryan, hits him with the pedigree, no excuses, HHH is simply better. The only reason I would like to see that is because of the unbelievable reaction it would garner; the wrestling community as a whole would have a damn coronary. Personally I feel like this match should be with CM Punk, originally I wanted Punk and Bryan to clash, but following the story CM Punk and HHH should have had this WrestleMania match. Assuming that Punk left because of the Royal Rumble fallout, WWE should have never offered the Triple H match to Daniel Bryan; he should have been destined for the main event since SummerSlam. But if this is the best possible option, having Daniel Bryan work twice at the highest level sounds great to me.


What is slightly bothersome is that WWE believed that they were going to blow off Daniel Bryan’s WWE Title chase just before Survivor Series. While his weeks feuding with The Wyatt Family was tremendously entertaining, it’s baffling that WWE essentially thought after Bryan was screwed over for the title at Hell in a Cell we were just going to forget about it. Something I’ve noticed watching Daniel Bryan lately is that size honestly doesn’t matter; he understands psychology. Bryan is able to capture the audience’s imagination and has been able to make the vast majority of people care for him. To be clear it’s not like WWE has no faith in the guy, he was put over clean against John Cena at SummerSlam, but he has been forced to work twice as hard as most people to get to the top, at it has worked.


If you want to view HHH as a bad guy, who tries to control WWE from behind the scenes to get only what he wants, then you can do that; I’ll admit putting Batista at the top out of nowhere was a bad call. But Triple H understands what he has to do at this point and I believe we will see 5’8 Daniel Bryan pin the cerebral assassin clean off a running knee come April 6th. You really can’t blame WWE for going with success, and in the past big, muscular guys have gotten to the top. Bryan has simply proven at this point that he can be a big time money draw; Occupy Raw was one of the best Raw segments I have ever seen in my life. But WWE knows this, the proof? Instead of switching the card and just putting Bryan in the main event, they have him booked in two matches. While some may say that this was done out of necessity, WWE easily could have put HHH up against some legend, just forked out more money if they didn’t believe Daniel Bryan could handle it. They understand this is the best set of matches to make and they are moving forward, the push is on and the sky is the limit for Daniel Bryan.


  • robert delgado

    i agree, though i’m sick of the yes thing, i think he will beat paul levesque and then win the belt. i don’t hate or like bryan danielson….. he’s just there and i don’t care either way. in the end though bryan will be best for business, and boy am i sick of that phrase.

  • Matt Kunka

    I would fear for the safety and well being of Triple H and others in charge if Triple H goes over Bryan at Mania. I think it's great that this has gone on for so long. Someone as high of caliber as Triple H and Bryan can make it work without getting too stale. So many people want to see Bryan in the title match, and I'm one of them, but him having a match with Triple H at Mania is huge. Think about it: Triple H is a million time champion, he runs the company and can go toe to toe with the best of them. For prestige and bragging rights, it's an amazing honor for Bryan to fight him at Mania. Even bigger to go over him and inserted into the title match. I fully expect Bryan vs Triple H to kick off the show as if he pulls double duty will need to rest. Excellent article.