Previewing The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

I have been waiting for the Undertaker/Lesnar match for years now and I have been fully sold on WrestleMania 30 because of it. Yes there are holes in the line up as of now, but Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker are damn near a sure fire path to a classic showdown at the biggest show of the year. There are perhaps 5 competitors in the world who need to have a Mania match with The Undertaker including; Sting, John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle, but Brock Lesnar was at the peak of my personal list. Brock has seemed more personally excited with his wrestling commitments since SummerSlam 2013 and his package with Paul Heyman has never been more enjoyable. The Undertaker returned with a beard like his days in The Ministry and looks on the top of his game.


There were worries of Undertaker not being able to face Lesnar because of the physicality that will be required. Not that a match against Daniel Bryan wouldn’t be physically demanding, but he’s certainly proven he can get a great match out of anyone. Of course Bryan and Taker would put on a tremendous performance, but just knowing that The Phenom feel he doesn’t have to use Bryan as a crutch puts my mind at ease. Looking at The Undertaker’s track record, the man can compete in just about any style of match that you throw at him. undertaker and HHH for two years in a row was a brawl, where both men respected each other. Undertaker and CM Punk last year was a tremendous wrestling match, where CM Punk wanted a disqualification victory.


Brock Lesnar is a monster. Essentially every match that he’s wrestled since coming back has been a war between the two combatants. From the way things have been booked so far, Lesnar and Taker are going to tear into each other at WrestleMania 30, and that’s exactly what the match should be. Just like at SummerSlam 2013, I would expect something with Paul Heyman saying that the match has become a No Disqualification to do it properly. To prove my point, and for anybody who thinks this match shouldn’t/doesn’t need to happen; I turn your attention to No Mercy 2003, The Undertaker Vs. Brock Lesnar inside the Hell In A Cell. This is just over a year since then so the timing is perfect and the intensity shown in that match is of rare kind.


This is one of the first Cell matches in which the competitors stay inside the structure for the duration of the match, but no one would complain about it. Those two tore each other up, and honestly I still think that Undertaker would be able to go at that level to this day. By the end of the match Lesnar was established as a monster, to the point I would consider this one of the matches that made Brock Lesnar the beast that he is now. If you look at The Undertaker by the time the second bell rings in that cell, it looks like he’s wearing a mask out of the sheer volume of blood covering his face. Their match didn’t even rely on many gimmicks within the match, no tables, barbed wire or explosions; they used steel stairs and maybe a chair (plus the cast on Taker’s arm), but mostly pure brutality sold that match.


Also as a quick side note, if you do go back to watch this match (which you should) watch it with the volume up and pay attention. Paul Heyman screams through the ENTIRETY of the match at Brock and how he has to get up; the strength, level and volatility of Heyman’s voice is unfathomable. All 3 of the talents involved in this match are Hall of Fame caliber and should put a show on April 6th to prove that fact. This match has everything needed to be an absolute show stealer and after Shield Vs. Wyatt’s was given to Elimination Chamber, this is easily the match I’m most excited for, as it should be for every true wrestling fan. The rest of the card is still very much up in the air, but with this match as a guarantee, WrestleMania 30 has the ability to be one of the best ever.


  • Tyler

    Finally, it's great to hear somebody not crap on this matchup. This has been brewing for what, 4-5 years? And all of a sudden people don't want to see it? I for one can't wait to watch it. If it's anything like that Hell in a Cell match, it's going to be pretty good. Good article.

  • Piyush

    Are the result between brock and taker be predermined and if yes whats the point of watching?

    • Kazuya

      What Undertaker match isn’t predetermined at this point? Which match would you rather see?

    • Nick Wildey

      I think these two can tear the house down, regardless of the outcome. I also believe that this will be a loss that doesn't touch Brock Lesnar's mystique, as long as the match is a classic.

  • Alan Keen

    If Lesnar loses, as we all believe he will, i expect to see him competing for the title. It may sound strange, I know, but he never competed against Batista as far as I can recall, and I can’t see Batista returning to WWE and being left without a title reign. Let’s hope the Taker / Lesnar match is as good as their previous encounters, and that Lesnar loses strongly to become a legitimate threat and contender.