Okay okay so I am willing to admit that I got caught up in the whirlwind that is PROGRESS wrestling and decided, after one or two hundred recommendation’s to buy a ticket for chapter 14. I mean at £12 what was there to lose. Standing in the line going half way up Camden High Street I initially felt a little out of place as I had gone on my own but fears were soon put to rest as I quickly learned that not only is PROGRESS wrestling great…….but so are the fans.
To say the Electric Ballroom, on Camden High street, was full would be an understatement, forget standing room only the only place left for someone would have been on my shoulders. 700 people crammed into the venue and every single one of them, myself included, let it be known they were there.
A rather nifty projection playing matches on a wall was sitting nicely behind the ring and the stage had a very professional light setting that would not look out of place on TV show. Everything about the fans and set up screamed PROGRESS.
Now I am sure lots of people have been to many gigs in their lifetime. Football matches, music concerts and different wrestling shows but I would wager a guess that none have ever been to a show where chants of “Fuck him up Jesus Fuck him up” have emanated from the crowd. Alas this was just one of many chants throughout the night from a crowd that was as loud as it gets. Indeed when Mad Man Manson, participant in the excellent comedy match, shouted “I don’t have any reversals” the crowd responded with a “PRESS R2” chant. That was definitely a first for me and more than likely everyone else in attendance.
However a crowd can only help a wrestling show so far, ultimately it will be the performers that carry the bulk and unfortunately the wrestling on the night outperformed anything I have ever witnessed live. Now just to confirm I have been to many wrestling shows ranging from WWF/E to various independents and PROGRESS ticks every single box. Regardless of what you like be it high flying, power moves, technical, wild brawls or even comedy PROGRESS has you covered. It quite literally has something for everyone. Hell even if you want a sprinkling of star power they had Samoa Joe in the main event.
Of the homegrown talents Rampage Brown looks the real deal. Standing a good 6ft + with a muscular physique and a realistic strong style he will be one to watch when going to the TNA British Boot Camp. Noam Dar would also be a fantastic addition to any cruiserweight division in the world. Them 2 on the night really stood out and have star quality stamped on them.
PROGRESS epitomizes all that is great about British wrestling, it showcases the talents as genuine stars and presents an even playing field. The upshot is that fans react just as loudly to the opening match as they do to the main event. Even the Natural Progression match between 3 trainees got a huge response and 100% delivered in the ring.
I can honestly say that I was blown away with PROGRESS and already can’t wait to get tickets for the next event and my recommendation to anyone who hasn’t been yet is GO………….I guarantee that you will be absolutely amazed and become hooked on PROGRESS just like I am!!!!!!!!

8-Man THUNDERBASTARD* – Will Ospreay defeated Paul Robinson, Darrell Allen, Joey Lakeside, Danny Garnell, Stixx, “Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman & Marty Scurll to earn a championship match in a superlative effort by all.
Mad Man Manson’s Open Challenge – Michael Gilbert defeated Mad Man Manson by Submission in hilarious comedy match that the crowd loved.
Mark Haskins defeated Martin Kirby by Pinfall in a very good palate cleanser.
PROGRESS Tag Team Championship – FSU (Mark Andrews & Eddie Dennis) defeated The London Riots by Pinfall to retain the PROGRESS Tag Team Championship in an incredibly heated match up that featured everything one could ask for.
Natural Progression Series – Ali Armstrong defeated Pastor William Eaver & Chuck Mambo by Pinfall in an amazingly over match with the crowd.
PROGRESS Championship – Jimmy Havoc defeated Noam Dar by Pinfall to retain the PROGRESS Championship in a superbly structured contest that built brilliantly to the finish.
Samoa Joe defeated Rampage Brown by Pinfall in a ridiculously hard hitting contest.