Proving He Is The Best

CM Punk was on Raw last night, given plenty of time to give another one of his promos and Punk delivered on all fronts, demanding the spot light. Punk was beaten down badly the week prior, obviously this upset me as a CM Punk fan, but thefact of the matter is that Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and Paul Heyman had probably the most exciting segment of the entire show. That visual of Punk jumping of the table at Lesnar made him look unstoppable; but the shot of his leg wrapping around the announce team’s chairs showed Lesnar as a true beast. Let’s not forget only a few weeks back I was pumped for a Mark Henry/John Cena match because the build was done perfectly. Here we have 2 phenomenal athletes who can put on top caliber shows at the drop of a hat, working together for the first time and so far the build has showed us that the match will live up to the hype.


In my humble and honest opinion, Punk’s promo was flawless, the energy he showed, the pacing of his delivery, you could literally hear the sound bytes that the WWE production company is going to use for some of the hype packages for this match. There was a moment in this promo that I realized just how good CM Punk was; this promo will not be remembered like his first pipebomb, or even the promo Punk did against The Rock on January 6th. Punk is simply good enough that he can drop a picture perfect promo and we just accept it as his average work because he’s performing at such a level. Also if you noticed during his promo, Punk listed different people that he’s fought recently, people he has taken to the limit, and as he was listing these names, Punk paused slightly after each name to allow for the obligatory pop from the live audience.


However this wasn’t necesarry, because as CM Punk was talking about John Cena, The Rock and The Undertaker, the audience was simply too busy chanting Punk’s name. This is an extremely good sign, the reason the WWE is okay with people chanting “Cena Sucks” is because at least they’re chanting Cena’s name, good, bad or ugly is unimportant; the crowd isn’t silent and they’re mentioning your name. I remember The Rock talking about a conversation with Pat Patterson where Pat said not to worry about the “Die Rocky Die” chants, because if they’re saying your name there’s money to be made. Punk is now at the point in his career where when he’s talking about the biggest names in the industry, men he has waged wars with, the crowd is still so riled up over Punk, these other names are unimportant and get chewed up by the “CM Punk” chants.

 brock-lesnar-and-cm-punk (1)

Then Paul Heyman got on the screen, staying on the Titantron Live Via Satelite and this was really the smartest decision to have made for this episode of Raw. We got a classic Punk promo, where he’s the good guy and he’s being extremely intense and pissed off, not really trying to be a good guy, and it is wonderful television. With that in mind, there would be no reason to have another physical encounter between Punk, Heyman or Lesnar; much better to save it for next week. We know Lesnar and Punk will touch again to validate Punk before their match, that it really was just Heyman’s distraction that allowed Lesnar to physically dismantle Punk last week, but it makes far more sense to save it for a Raw closer to Summerslam, to slowly buld the intensity, to hopefully cresendo and the pay per view. It’s also funny to notice that Paul Heyman referenced that Brock Lesnar was just off screen twice during his promo, but we never saw or heard him. Obviously this was to save the dates on his contract, but I believe that’s the first time they’ve pretended like he was there while just not showing him.


I think in general we can expect a fantastically physical and real match between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman at SummerSlam. I think what’s even better though will be the build towards SummerSlam each week, not only from Heyman and Lesnar, but I believe Punk will really have something to prove; forcing him to perform at or better than what we’ve seen from him in the past 2 weeks. Punk needs to prov in the next few weeks why the viewer should buy the product, but also why he deserves to have the main event spot I believe he will get. I believe Punk has to be looking forward to WrestleMania 30, trying to get that main event as well, and I think this may be seen as a trial run for just that. We know Steve Austin has been critical of Punk’s work and has said he would havr to consider if he would want to face CM Punk if he returned. I think Punk needs to prove to the audience, the WWE and Stone Cold Steve Austin that he can handle and deserves the WrestleMania main event spot with this build and match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

  • Josh w

    Cm punk should face stone cold. Imagine their promos and build up to wrestlemania. The arena would explode if that glass shattered during a promo on raw.