Raw Main Event: CM Punk Vs. Randy Orton

Let’s start this off right by giving both men tremendous credit for putting on one hell of a wrestling competition with each men pushing the other to their physical limits. Honestly as a wrestling fan I thought there was animosity between CM Punk and Randy Orton ever since Punk basically took Orton’s spot as the second biggest star in the company. If there is animosity between these two men they obviously still get along well enough to trust the other man to put their lives in each other’s hands. A match of that caliber, with that sort of intensity, quickness and overall realism cannot be achieved if one man believes he cannot trust the other. I’ve been watching Raw with people who don’t normally watch wrestling as of late and I continue to get the same response, they’re surprised with the lack of actual wrestling on the show. CM Punk and Randy Orton delivered a picture perfect, classic wrestling match, above and beyond what you can expect from a Raw broadcast, aside for perhaps WrestleMania season.


Which raises a major issue I had with the main event of this week’s broadcast, I did not hear one reference to the fact that this was a WrestleMania rematch from 27, where these two put on an absolutely beautiful match that was in my mind easily the best match on the card, surpassing HHH Vs. The Undertaker 2. I just don’t understand why this move was made, in all my years watching Raw, usually if something is a WrestleMania rematch that will be how the company hypes the match, that’s the tag line that’s placed at the bottom of the graphic to sell the importance of the match. Instead this week the only reason this match was important was because they were both in the Money In The Bank All Stars match. I will say that with the way the story was presented it made sense not only to put CM Punk against Randy Orton, but to put those 2 men in the main event, any other combination in the main event would have been a step down from what we received.


But again in the opening match of this week’s broadcast we had Daniel Bryan Vs. Sheamus and the commentators at least mentioned that those men had a past and that they fought for 18 seconds at WrestleMania 28. The only reasons I can think of that the WWE decided not to mention that these two were in a match at WrestleMania 27 was because the match on this week’s Raw would not be as good as the one at WrestleMania 27, because at the time CM Punk was playing a heel or because CM Punk lost at that WrestleMania. However none of these reasons make enough sense to me to outweigh the pro’s of mentioning they were WrestleMania opponents. On Raw CM Punk won, so that would have rectified his loss from WrestleMania 27, characters go through turns all the time and it’s not like Punk’s not always booked as being, for lack of a better term, “cranky.” As for this week’s match not being as good as their bout from WrestleMania 27, if anyone believed that while watching the match, thought they were cheated because they didn’t get as good a match as from Mania, one they’re ridiculous for expecting that from every Raw, two that only means that that person is going back and watching WrestleMania 27, giving more overall views and dollars to the WWE.


But what about the very end of Raw? As I was watching the match and thoroughly enjoying both men’s work I realized that this broadcast will not end with a simple pin fall or submission. Raw’s do not end after the last match has concluded, something else has to happen to bring you in deeper for next week’s show. Then again only a couple weeks ago Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton in a No Disqualification match, they shook hands and Bryan’s celebration closed the show. And speak of the devil, who came down to end this week’s Raw as well but Daniel Bryan, climbing right up that ladder and pulling down the Money in the Bank briefcase. Honestly kind of a weak ending to the broadcast, classic match then Bryan just runs down and grabs the briefcase, especially considering this was the go home edition of Raw trying to sell as many last minute Pay Per View buys as possible.


Regardless of my personal feeling of the final seconds of the show, all this indicates are big things in the future for Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and especially the internet wrestling community. Looking at the Money In The Bank All Stars match, the most logical conclusions to this match are CM Punk or Daniel Bryan, 2 guys no one ever thought would make it to the WWE and they’re almost the biggest stars on the whole show as of right now. And just because I love wrestling statistics let me just give this to you real quick, if Daniel Bryan walks out of that ladder match the winner, not only does that put him in line for a potential match against John Cena at Summer Slam and damn near guarantee that Daniel Bryan will be WWE Champion, but it will mean Bryan is 2 for 2 in Money in the Bank Ladder matches, undefeated. If CM Punk wins that will put him for his 3rd Money In The Bank win and this Sunday will be his 4 Money In The Bank ladder match ever, he only ever lost in his first attempt. This Sunday’s Pay Per View is sure to be a memorable one and I expect both ladder matches to tear the house down in Philadelphia.

  • Adam

    Randy mentioned their Mania match in his promo.

    • Nick Wildey

      I got to tell you, missed that completely, feel like an idiot. I should have watched the replay and I apologize to you and everyone else who reads this. I still believe I made some genuine points in this article, but clearly I did not research to the degree I should have.