Ready To Ramble: The Streak, Warrior and Cesaro.






Welcome to another edition of Ready to Ramble. For those of you unfamiliar with Ready to Ramble, this is a column where I talk about a few happenings in WWE, whether they be backstage news or storyline, and I express my two cents on them and as always I welcome your thoughts on everything that I mention.

I should apologize for my absence and lack of articles and find it only fair to explain what has been going on. There have been a lot of changes where I work which has resulted in more responsibilities and more time spent there in the run of the week. Along with that I have been hunting for an apartment which I’m sure you all know is LOADS of fun….regardless, I will find time for articles and hopefully in the next week or so I will be back to contributing on a regular basis. A huge welcome to the new writers to the site. I love reading your guys’ articles as it is and always love reading new perspectives and opinions.

Where to begin? So much has happened in WWE that to pick a few topics for this will be difficult, but at least there is no shortage of material.

I’m certainly not the first to touch on the passing of the Ultimate Warrior, but it must be addressed. No matter what the stories were behind the scenes or how he conducted business, as a fan this man was a huge part of my childhood and gave me so many fond memories. On an old home video from 1990, Warrior is actually on there twice. I was given a sweat shirt with him on it and not being able to pronounce my R’s then, I was so excited and screamed out “ULTIMATE WOY-YUH!” I feel glad in the sense that he was able to come back and mend fences with Vince and company and be able to share that night with his family whom you can tell meant the absolute world to him. My heart breaks when I think of Dana, his mother and his two daughters and what they are dealing with. Gone but never forgotten. May you rest peacefully, Warrior and thank you for all the memories.

Twenty-one and one. Wow! I still am in a bit of shock when I think back to the three count being made in the middle of the ring. There goes the streak, the last prestigious thing in pro wrestling. I was on the side of the fence that was upset not only about it ending, but over the fact it was Brock Lesnar, a part time guy. However, I’ve changed my attitude. Brock is an established guy and even after losing to Cena right away in his initial return, he still has drawing power and gets reactions from the fans. There are no worries as to whether or not that as the guy who broke the streak, will he be able to capitalize on that?
Granted, I really wish he was around more and who really knows if there have been some changes into his new contract. It’s all speculation at this point. I would have loved to have seen some other matches down the road for The Undertaker at Wrestlemania with the likes of John Cena, Roman Reigns maybe even Daniel Bryan and Sting.
Ah, Sting. The word is that all he wants is one more match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31. With the streak now being broken, do people still care? Do you want to see this happen? I do. It’s not about the streak, it’s about two of the biggest modern day icons going toe to toe after all of this time.
Can I play armchair booker for a second? Thank you. So The Undertaker comes out on Raw for the first time post-Wrestlemania and is about to give the speech that we all expect about his retirement. The lights go out, there’s lighting and thunder and all of the sudden the classic crow theme hits and Sting is there. In the ring, the rafters, on the stage, it doesn’t matter really. He talks about how he was the last WCW icon to sign with Vince and WWE, and that as much as he resisted there was always one match that he could not stop thinking about after all of these years. He talks about how they were both icons (Sorry, I know I keep using that word) during the Monday Night Wars and how it was described as a dream match, not only for the fans but for himself. Challenges The Undertaker to a match where it’s not about streaks, it’s not about wars, it’s about respect, and the only place fitting is at Wrestlemania 31.
What do you think? Am I dumb? Could this work?

Cesaro is a Paul Heyman guy. That’s more fitting than my size 11 Adidas. I loved him with Zeb Colter and still love Zeb, but what better way to really catapult Cesaro to the main event scene than to run with a main event manager. I’m still wondering if Cesaro and Heyman are faces now or did Cesaro have a one night face turn? Either way, this pairing is perfect and I am so excited for what’s to come. After he won the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal, which I didn’t even think he was going to be in, you just got that feeling inside that this is the beginning of great things to come. Ugh, call me a mark or a smark, which I definitely have my moments, but I sure do wish Kassius Ohno was still around.

So that’s my rambling for this week, and I thank you for reading along. Leave comments below on any topics I discussed here today, especially if you have a different opinion. After all, that’s what makes it so much fun to be a wrestling fan. You can find me on Facebook; Brad Legere or on twitter @Brad_OnAir.

Until next time, take care.

  • Matt

    Welcome back and another great article!

  • Adam Eaton

    I want the Undertaker Sting match more now that the streak is broken. I felt if Sting fought the Undertaker in one last match with the streak still intact there would be no way sting would win. Now maybe Sting gets a WM victory? We really don’t know now.